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Jesse Custer has long been disappointed in God, but he has been working as a shepherd for a long time. Many parishioners are aware that his reputation is spoiled, which means Jesse has to look for new ways to make money. Having gathered a company of dubious personalities, he decides to travel around the country and earn a living in a completely different way. But which one?

When will the series “Preacher Season 5” be released?

The continuation of the fascinating series “Preacher” will not take place, because even before the release of season 4, the creators announced that it would be final.

It is pointless to hope for season 5, as in the fourth there will be a denouement that will tell about Jesse’s future life.


The loss of his father made Jesse join the clergy. He vowed that he would always be obligated to God, and therefore he would spend the rest of his life in his monastery. But Jesse didn’t succeed in taking the true path. Having fallen in love with a girl with a dubious reputation, the guy began to participate in scams. But soon such a banal prospect bored him.

He decided to take the true path again: to engage in the service of God, not to leave the church. Giving people all his love and warmth, Jesse hoped to see a response. But apart from the chilling indifference, he achieved nothing. People have become too callous to ever be able to touch God.

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Tired of struggling with what is beyond his control, Jesse decided to adapt to his parishioners. At the same time, the pastor makes friends with the vampire Cassidy, who has long been unable to cope with his craving for alcohol. In such depressed, dark times, Jesse needed a friend, albeit as non-starving as Cassidy.

Frame from the series

But soon the situation takes a deplorable turn – a creature that calls itself Genesis enters the body of Jesse. In addition to the many shortcomings of coexistence in one body with a monster, Jesse gains the ability to convince people with just one word. Without thinking twice, Jesse decided that it was a sign from above. Moreover, a good sign.

In fact, Genesis is a child born after copulation of a demon with an angel. In addition to ideal impulses, Genesis possesses devilish ways, and two conflicting natures hardly get along in it. It later turns out that Genesis is not inferior in power to even God himself, and Jesse is now the most influential person in the universe.

Accustomed to her new talent, Jesse learns to give orders. But people perceive everything so literally that problems immediately arise. By season 4, Caster had already learned how to manage his gift without difficulty, but would Genesis stay with him for long? What will be the result of such honest cooperation taking place within the same body?

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Actors and their roles

  • Jesse Custer – a native of Texas, traveled the world with bosom friends Cassidy and Tulip; he was disappointed for a long time in God and the people who were his parishioners – Jesse was struck by their callousness, as a result, he became the bearer of Genesis in his body, from which he acquired the ability to influence people with the help of verbal orders – Dominic Cooper.
  • Cassidy – an Irish alcoholic vampire; travels with Jesse; is his best friend; most often, Cassidy’s ideas are devilish in nature, because he has few good qualities – Joseph Gilgun.
  • Tulip O’Hare – now travels around cities as a companion of Jesse and Cassidy; she was previously a Custer’s girl who persuaded him to engage in illegal activities; does not make herself a queen; lives by its own rules and very often violates other people’s borders – Ruth Negga.

Interesting Facts

  1. Since 1998, the “Preacher” tried to adapt the series to the multi-series version, but each time an unexpected thing happened – either the project was closed before it started, or the creators in the middle of the way were forced to admit that the project was doomed to failure. But only in 2016, having overcome religious differences, the series was broadcast.
  2. The roles of Joseph Gilgun have long become boring to the audience. Ever since the release of the series “Misfits”, where he played a guy suffering from a split personality and obsessed with sex, Joseph realized that he constantly got the same roles. The actor himself says that nothing can be done – only for such roles his candidacy is approved.
  3. After reading the script, Dominic Cooper said that in real life he would really like to have the same ability as his hero. Indeed, forcing people to do what you want, according to Cooper, is the most powerful force you can imagine.
  4. In season 3, Ruth Negga refused to take part in the project. Therefore, the release of the season 3 was postponed, although the series was originally planned to be released 2 months earlier. Negga wanted to try herself on another project and refused to renew the contract with the creators of the “Preacher”. The increased fee solved the problem, and Tulip appeared on the screens again.
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Preacher Season 5: Release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
5x01Series 1closed
5x02Series 2closed
5x03Series 3closed
5x04Series 4closed
5x05Series 5closed
5x06Series 6closed
5x07Series 7closed
5x08Series 8closed
5x09Series 9closed
5x10Series 10closed

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    I love Preacher, it is definitely something different and very original, and it would be a shame to ended so soon.

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