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One of the largest film studios of 20th Century Fox makes another gift to all fans of the movie about the Predator. The story of the success of this monster begins in 1987, when the audience first saw on their screens a movie with the same name with Arnold Schwarzenegger in the title role. The success was incredible. The continuation of the picture called “Predator 2” did not take long, and was brought to the court of the viewer already in 1990. Years later, the directors again took up a successful project, and in 2010 the screens “Predators” came out.

Also, the continuation of the popular original film can be considered the projects “Alien vs. Predator” in 2004 and “Alien vs. Predator: Requiem” in 2007, despite the fact that they relate more to the series “Alien”.

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The viewer’s high interest in such a character as the Predator allowed director Shane Black and screenwriter Fred Dekker to suggest a new script that combines all the previous pictures, but is their continuation. According to Shane Black, the new plot will become even more saturated, but with the addition of a note of humor.

Genre – a fantasy, thriller.
The director is Shane Black.
Writer – Fred Dekker.

When the movie “Predator 4” will be released?

It is already known that the shooting of the new film took place from February to June 2017. After preliminary showing of the received product to a narrow circle of spectators the conflicting responses have been received. Director Shane Black took this very responsibly, and decided to re-shoot some episodes and postpone the premiere. The final result of a long and painstaking work called “The Predator” we will see in 2018. The expected premiere date is September 13, 2018.

Will Schwarzenegger take part in the shooting?

arnySThe main intrigue of the upcoming show is the appearance of the beloved actor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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As you know, Schwarzenegger received the script with his small role. Unfortunately, after reading it, the actor refused the role, citing an unsatisfactory scenario.

It is worth noting that the original director Shane Black wrote 2 scenarios of the film – with the hero Schwarzenegger and without. Black provided for the possible failure of the actor in the filming, so the episode with his participation was painless for the rest of the story was simply deleted.


Our days. Tropics. A soldier Quinn McKenne with a squad of fighters is on a special mission to detain a drug lord. At the time of the special operation, a capsule suddenly falls from the sky. McKenna, who is in the immediate vicinity of the landed “alien ship”, hurries to him. Discovering the Predator, lying without signs of life, the military takes the artifacts and manages to hide before the CIA intelligence service arrives to the place of the fall. Suddenly, the alien being that has come to life kills everyone.

The resulting artifacts McKenna sends to his storage room. But, under the circumstances, his things are sent to the home address, where his wife and son-autist receive the parcel.

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McKenna, who saw the Predator and the capsule with his own eyes, is placed in a psychiatric hospital. By order of the leadership of “crazy” brought to the secret base of the CIA. Also, to study the biology of an alien guest, scientist Casey Bracket was brought to the base. Unexpectedly for all, the Predator escapes …

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The autistic boy Robbie, son of McKenna, is studying the “parcel” received. Due to his unusual abilities, he hacks an artifact, thereby activating it. Having sent a certain signal in this way, another Predator, more advanced, is sent from Earth to the Earth. The mission of the Predator-Upgrade is unknown …

When will the movie “Predator 5” come out?

Despite the fact that the following parts about Predators and Aliens can not repeat the stunning success of the original film, many filmmakers, screenwriters and film studios take up this project. New scenarios are proposed, a huge number of fresh and unexpected ideas arise, new technologies for special effects are implemented, etc. Proceeding from this, it is possible to expect with a high degree of probability the film “Predator 5”.

p.s. Officially, the part 5 of the “Predator” franchise, independently titled “Prey”, will premiere on August 5, 2022.

Actors and roles

  • Boyd Holbrook – Quinn McKenna, retired marine, military.
  • Olivia Munn is Casey Bracket, a young scientist who studies Predator biology on a secret CIA base.
  • Jacob Tremblay – Robbie, son of McKenna, an autist with unique abilities.
  • Yvonne Strahovski – McKennas wife.
  • Trevante Rhodes – Nebraska Williams, former military man, McKenna’s friend.
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8 interesting facts

  1. Director Shane Black starred in the original movie “Predator” in 1987 in the role of Rick Hawkins. It was his first role.
  2. In the film “The predator”, the autistic son of the main character Robbie studies in a special school named after Lawrence Gordon. The name was coined in honor of the producer of the original film by Lawrence Gordon.
  3. Actor Trevante Rhodes before approval for the role did not look at any part about the Predator or the Alien, as he does not like bloody and violent scenes. But, preparing to shoot, I still had to look at the pictures.
  4. The original movie “Predator” in 1987 is the most successful project of all filmed. Until now, none of the directors have been able to come to such a grandiose success.
  5. According to the rating system of the American Film Association, the rating of this film is R, which allows viewing the material for children under 17 in the presence of their parents.
  6. The most striking works of Shane Black, as a screenwriter, are all parts of the film “Lethal Weapon” and “Iron Man 3”. It is worth adding that the script of the first part of the “Lethal Weapon” was written by him at the age of 26 years. On his writing, Black spent 6 weeks, and the script was sold for only 3 days for $ 250,000.
  7. Boyd Holbrook is not only an actor, but also a professional model. So, in 2001 he was signed by the famous model agency Elite Model.
  8. Director Shane Black played in the movie “Predator” a small episodic role: at the very beginning of the film, his hero, the special-purpose humorist in glasses, was first to be killed by the awakened Predator.
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Predator 4 & Predator 5 - release date

Movie titleRelease date
Predator 4September 13, 2018
Predator 5August 5, 2022

Kevin Peter Hall (The Predator) ‘Predator (1987)’ Behind The Scenes

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