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The first of its kind animated series “Primal” tells about the real fears that haunt our descendants throughout their short lives. Neighborhood with reptiles and animals with stronger physical characteristics made a person smarter, more tolerant and stronger. But death always follows…

“Primal ss 3”: release date, announcement

The continuation of the adult animated TV series “Primal” is officially announced in June 2023! The success of the animated series is so huge that it sits 1.5 million viewers in front of TV screens every episode.
The high ratings of the first 2 seasons spoke in favor of continuing the picture. Film critics were sure that the audience should wait for new episodes, and they were not mistaken. The premiere date of the new episodes is still unknown, but unofficial sources write that this will happen in the summer of 2024.


Fictional prehistoric era. Armed with a spear, a primitive man, conditionally named Spear, hunts for fish and gets a good catch. But at the very end, failure awaits him — a huge crocodile sailed to the smell of prey, which almost took his life. Already on land, Spear is found by a giant reptile, but he cleverly hides himself and the fish in a tree.

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Approaching the cave where the woman and children were waiting for him, he heard the roar of dinosaurs. Having witnessed the brutal death of his own family, he tried to take revenge on the monsters. But does his mere human strength compare to a powerful monster? Having inflicted several wounds, he was left alone — the dinosaurs were called by their mother.

Unable to bear the grief of losing his family, Spear goes to the biggest rock. Thinking about jumping into the unknown, he realizes that he needs to find the strength in himself to live on. This leads him to the place where Spear was fishing not so long ago. Here, a female tyrannosaurus is raising two cubs. Spear tries not to get close to her.

Frame from the animated TV series

But then monsters appear that killed his family. Now their target is a female with cubs, and Spear is trying to protect her. Nearly dying at the hands of reptiles, he, along with the female, protects her offspring. But all in vain: children are devoured just as mercilessly as Spear babies some time ago. Having united, the female, who was given the conditional name Fang, begins their journey.

Why do the main characters have “conditional” names? Viewers who have not watched the series may be surprised, but there is no speech in the animated series. By season 2, dialogue appears in the form of an unintelligible scream between Spear and Fang. The desire to go on an open voyage forces them to come up with a design that allows them to travel by sea. This is how the raft appears.

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In the river, new adventures await them, acquaintance with whales and sea turtles. The food here is also different from what they used to eat on land. But is it a problem when you are a primitive man? Spear knows how to get his own food, which means that underwater inhabitants can become a good dinner for them…

Voice actors

Recall that there is no speech in the animated series — only sounds.

  • Spear — a person similar in habits and behavior to a primate; lived with a family that was later eaten by dinosaurs; in an attempt to find himself, he went a long way and enlisted the support of a female tyrannosaurus, who became his good friend — Aaron LaPlante.

Interesting Facts

  1. The names of the characters are indicated only in the notes to the storyboard of the animated series. A storyboard helps visualize what the director’s vision is. Throughout the project, names are never called. A leisurely narration without dialogue helps to completely immerse yourself in the story and experience it together with our hero.
  2. Showrunner Genndy Tartakovsky, whose real name is Gennady Borisovich Tartakovsky, drew inspiration for the series from Robert E. Howard’s Conan the Barbarian series. In the 2010s, Genndy conceived the idea of ​​writing a children’s cartoon about a child with long hair traveling with a dinosaur. Already in 2018, he decided to turn the idea into an adult project.
  3. According to Tartakovsky, people often spend time in front of the TV at the very moment when they are eating or doing something else. Genndy already had a history of creating animated series with little to no speech — the animated series “Samurai Jack” was a success, and in total attracted up to 2 million viewers per episode.
  4. Since silent scenes were not supposed to bore the audience, special attention was paid to music. The composers were Tyler Bates, known for his work in the films “John Wick”, “Deadpool“, “Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw” and Joanne Higginbottom, who previously worked with Genndy on the “Samurai Jack” project.
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Primal Season 3: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
3x01Series 12024
3x02Series 22024
3x03Series 32024
3x04Series 42024
3x05Series 52024
3x06Series 62024
3x07Series 72024
3x08Series 82024
3x09Series 92024
3x10Series 102024

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