The new part of the anime action series, based on the popular manga and a series of remarkable novels, country: Japan, Directed by: Mizushima Tsutomu.

Release date anime series Prison School Season 2 scheduled, premiere of the new series will be held – April, 2019.


“School-prison” is a comedy anime series based on the story of Akira Hiramoto’s manga.

In elite high school for girls Hachimitsu very strict rules. The school code is the most important law by which students live. However, even this document was decided to be neglected when the question touched on the possible admission to the walls of the educational institution of the boys. But as it turned out, only five boys were enrolled.

They were Wakamoto Shingo, Fujino Kiyoshi, Morokuzu Takehito, Nezou Jowji and Ando Reiji. Girls of this school are not so simple and hospitable. Nobody was going to accept the guys with open arms. And even more so the Secret Student Council. Many years ago, the council was involved in some kind of incident, and after that any connections were banned. The underground government will monitor compliance with the rules. And the one who breaks the rule, will go to jail.

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Prison School Season 2 poster

Kiyoshi, Takehito, Shingo, Juji and Reiji are transferred to the Khatimitsu academy, to which until recently only girls were accepted, and the main characters become the first male students. Almost immediately after the arrival, members of the underground student council arrest the guys for trying to peek at the naked girls in the showers and put them in a school jail.

Mari Kurihara, the president of the Student Council, because of his hatred of men, decides to kick the characters out of school at all costs and therefore instructs his henchmen Mako and Khan to mock the guys and try to adjust the situations in which the guys would be outside the prison and thus enroll them to escape. According to the rules of the academy, the pupil is excluded after three attempts to escape from prison, the protagonists will have to withstand all the bullying of the Student Council and, if possible, do not succumb to their provocations, but in practice the guys do not always get it …

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Prison School Season 2 poster

Khachimitsu is an elite private academy, known for its strict academic standards. For the first time in the history of the school, doors open for male students.

Kiyoshi Fujino – the main hero of history, one of the few “lucky” Hachimitsu. On the first day he finds out shocking news for him: only five guys entered the academy, including himself. And this despite the fact that there are about a thousand girls here!

It would seem that the life of the guys in the academy will be “in raspberry”, because they will be surrounded by girls every day. However, the girls flatly refuse to talk to them. Soon it turns out that the reason for this behavior is connected with some kind of underground student council … Will the guys be able to expose the secret Student Council threatening the students of Hachimitsu?

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Not far from Tokyo is a private school for girls, Hatimitsu. Although this institution is considered one of the most stringent in Japan, nevertheless the pupils manage to break the rules without negative consequences for themselves.

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Kate, the president of the official school board, is constantly in conflict with Mary, the daughter of the headmistress, who enlisted the support of some students. The situation in Khatimitsu radically changes when it was decided to switch to mixed training. Five friends-losers decide to become pupils of this school and arrange a personal life.

Although the young people are terribly shy and afraid to even talk to the fair sex, they do not lose hope – there are so many girls around! Guys begin to spy on the students, while they are not caught in this occupation. Now they have to either be expelled from Hitamitsu, or spend a month in a school prison …

Prison School Season 2 release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
2x01Series 1April 4, 2019
2x02Series 2April 11, 2019
2x03Series 3April 18, 2019
2x04Series 4April 25, 2019
2x05Series 5May 2, 2019
2x06Series 6May 9, 2019
2x07Series 7May 16, 2019
2x08Series 8May 23, 2019
2x09Series 9May 30, 2019
2x10Series 10June 7, 2019

Prison School Season 2 Trailer


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