Prodigal Son Season 2


As a child, Malcolm spent a lot of time with Martin, his father. Each phrase said by the parent was absorbed by the baby like a sponge – the father told where the most important arteries of the person are, what they serve and many more interesting things that surgeons know about. Only after years it became known for what purpose Martin did this…

When will the series “Prodigal Son Season 2” be released?

The sequel to the crime drama “Prodigal Son” will appear on screens no earlier than spring 2021. After all, the coronavirus has made its own adjustments to the film industry. All premieres have been displaced, including the release of new episodes of our favorite TV series.

The plot is shrouded in mystery, but with each series, viewers are increasingly moving towards a denouement. Will season 2 be final? Or is the main character still waiting for new investigations?


At the age of 10, police broke into Malcolm’s home to capture the most dangerous criminal in all of America. It turned out to be Martin, among the policemen known as the “The Surgeon”, because he could accurately deal with the victim, affecting only certain parts of the body. Such a blow did not pass without a trace for the whole family.

After the imprisonment of the head of the family, the rest of the family could hardly find peace for themselves. Malcolm’s mom and sister were able to adapt, but the guy himself, at a conscious age, often saw nightmares and some things simply drove him crazy. He had to sleep with a mouth guard and handcuff himself — otherwise it could end badly.

Over the years of life without a father, the guy decided that he would go to work at the FBI. After all, to expose criminals like his father is Malcolm’s main goal. For a long time everything went well, but after the next capture of a serial killer, Malcolm crashes out from work, losing all right to investigate new crimes. But here he is found by an old fellow policeman, offering him to take up a new business.

The main characters of the series

Malcolm agrees, and almost immediately understands what he faced – the style of crime was so similar to his father that there was no doubt – the current serial maniac completely imitates the eminent Surgeon. It became clear why the old comrade called to investigate the case of Malcolm. But the guy did not want to remain completely without work, and he set to work.

As a result, Malcolm has to fight not only with an unknown criminal, but also with his own demons. Nightmares became more frequent, and on one of the tasks the guy cut off the victim’s hand. How adequate are the actions of the former FBI officer? Will he be able to recover and overcome the fears with which he lived for decades?

Actors and their roles

  • Malcolm Bright – his real surname is Whitly; but after his father was imprisoned, he decided to take the pseudonym Bright, because too often he was compared to the famous father, expecting Malcolm to do wild things; was attached to his father, who kept repeating to the boy that they were the same, not like other people – Tom Payne.
  • Dani Powell – works in the police along with Malcolm; trying to understand the guy, but she does not always succeed; Dani is calm, reasonable, an excellent partner, as she is always ready to cover his back – Aurora Perrineau.
  • Martin Whitly – the father of Malcolm; he was condemned as a serial maniac who, with extreme cruelty, paralyzed his victims with a special drug blocking movements, while the pain of the victims was at the peak of activity, which gave Martin unrivaled pleasure; was very attached to his son – Michael Sheen.

Interesting Facts

  1. Leaving one project, Tom Payne immediately decided to focus on another. Previously, the actor played the role of Paul “Jesus” Rovia in the series “The Walking Dead“, but the death of his character left Payne without work. Then the project “Prodigal Son” turned up, to which the actor turned his attention. The role is complex, so the actor is not distracted by third-party projects.
  2. Lee Toland Krieger (“Chilling Adventures of Sabrina“, “Deadly Class”), Adam Kane (“Grey’s Anatomy“) and Rob Bailey (“Criminal Minds”) became the directors of the project. Behind each of them is explosive series, which are still popular. Previously, they had never worked with each other, but in the series “Prodigal Son” were able to create an excellent team.
  3. The scene with a severed arm was filmed throughout the day. As a result, the directors decided that it would be better for the viewer to hide such a moment and indirectly hint that Malcolm was still able to cut off the hand of another person. The release of Tom Payne from the burning building and his wild eyes, the film crew met with applause.
  4. It is known that in the season 2 Aurora Perrineau will play a more important role both for Malcolm and for the further development of the plot. This means that the amount of her fee will increase. At the moment, for one series, the actress receives 100 thousand dollars. It is still unknown how much her fee will rise next season – this will be known only after its release.

Prodigal Son Season 2: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
2x01Series 1May 2021
2x02Series 2May 2021
2x03Series 3May 2021
2x04Series 4May 2021
2x05Series 5May 2021
2x06Series 6May 2021
2x07Series 7May 2021
2x08Series 8May 2021
2x09Series 9May 2021
2x10Series 10May 2021

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