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1950s, mankind plows the cosmos, opens up new horizons and is on the verge of war. At this time, the Air Force pilots are increasingly faced with evidence of the presence of UFOs, and one of the aviators even claims that he heard songs on the radio and saw unexplained phenomena. Is it true? J. Allen Hynek and Michael Quinn find out about this, because it was they who were entrusted with this investigation…

When will the series “Project Blue Book Season 3” be released?

The sequel to the sci-fi show “Project Blue Book” may not take place, as the TV series was canceled after the release of season 2. However, there are those who really want to see a sequel, having created a petition. Who knows, maybe we will see our heroes again in the new season…

The picture was not just born into the light – producer Robert Zemeckis had long dreamed of making a high-quality project about real-life phenomena, but he only had the opportunity to do it now. All the cases described in the show were in fact.


Ufologist with a reputation as a brawler J. Allen Hynek never went in the wake of public opinion, which cannot be said of Michael Quinn, who made a good career in the Air Force thanks to his loyal attitude to the blunders of his leadership. The worldview of both changes when Quinn receives a task in which only Josef can help him.

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Men begin to investigate a case in which one of the pilots, while in the sky, heard songs from a turned off radio and saw balls in the form of lightning that fell on board. Josef immediately gained confidence in the pilot, while Michael decided to blame everything on hallucinations. Josef did not yet know that Michael had a direct task – to prove the pilot’s insanity.

Thus begins the acquaintance of two men with each other’s opinions. Josef is ready to defend his point of view and he does not tolerate when Michael sends reports to management without his knowledge. As a result, Michael understands how much he missed before – UFOs actually exist, but the Air Force government is not interested in letting other people know about it.

Frame from the series

At this time, a conflict is brewing in the Josef family – his wife Mimi is less and less like her husband’s work, especially his long absence. Their son needs a man’s hand, and the woman herself needs attention. As a result, she finds herself a charming girlfriend, though the woman does not yet know who she is. Friendship is established between them and Mimi is a victim in this friendship.

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The further the events unfold, the more Michael realizes that the existence of inexplicable lightnings, balls, and other things is not really fiction. As for Josef, from the very beginning he was inclined to believe that UFOs exist. But what about when the government strictly forbids disclosing such secrets to society?

In addition to the confrontation of the current government, men also have family problems. By the end of season 2, personal and working relationships are so intertwined that one cannot establish one without affecting the other. Can Josef convince Michael to tell people about UFOs and how Quinn will behave when management again orders to hide information from the world?

Actors and roles

  • Josef Allen Hynek – ufologist; not afraid of change and other people’s opinions; easily ready to enter into confrontation with those who do not take seriously his conversations; Married to Mimi, raising a son who dreams of becoming a soldier someday; Josef wants to earn as much money as possible to support his son and wife – Aidan Gillen.
  • Michael Quinn – Honorary US Air Force Officer; always honorably fulfills the instructions of the leadership, which helps him to advance in the post; after meeting with Josef, he begins to look at the world differently and understands why the leadership forbids to spread about inexplicable phenomena – Michael Malarkey.
  • Mimi Hynek – wife of Josef; docile, balanced; met a woman who was close to her husband and Michael Quinn – Laura Mennell.
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Interesting Facts

  1. Michael Malarkey has many vivid roles, one of which was the role of Enzo in the popular TV series “The Vampire Diaries”. Michael spent more than 3 years on the project, he really was in love with his partner on the set. It is still unknown whether they maintained a good relationship, but Malarkey has long been dating another lady.
  2. All UFO events are actually in the U.S. Air Force records. Invented in the series are only the main characters who are investigating. For many years, the US Air Force hid the fact of the presence of foreign civilizations, which was mentioned even at the time of the release of the cult series “The X-Files“.

Project Blue Book Season 3: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
3x01Series 1project is closed
3x02Series 2project is closed
3x03Series 3project is closed
3x04Series 4project is closed
3x05Series 5project is closed
3x06Series 6project is closed
3x07Series 7project is closed
3x08Series 8project is closed
3x09Series 9project is closed
3x10Series 10project is closed

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