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American television channel ABC in January 2015 ordered director Mark Manden to shoot a pilot series about the difficult work of young special agents of the FBI. The pilot was received by the TV channel with delight and the story of the series “Quantico” began.

The first season of the film received excellent reviews and critical responses. Satisfied audience immediately asked for continuation. To their great happiness, the ABC television channel did not long drag on this issue and a year later released the second season.

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The premiere of the 1st season (22 series) is September 27, 2015.
The premiere of the second season (22 series) – September 25, 2016.
The expected premiere of the 3rd season (13 episodes) is April 27, 2018.

Genre – a detective, a drama, a thriller.
Timing – 43-45 minutes.

When will the series “Quantico season 4” be released?

At the moment, it is known that the ABC channel will not order a new season. Despite the confident high ratings of all the episodes, in May 2018 the creators of the film officially announced the closure of the project.

The viewer accepted the product and it was this that suggested that “Quantico season 4” could go on. The reasons for the cancellation of the series are not known.

Some information about the Quantico Base

The base of Quantico is the largest American military base of the Marine Corps. It also serves to prepare the special agents of the FBI. In addition to the Academy and its own FBI Laboratory, the Office for AntiDrugs and the Naval Investigation Department are located at this location.

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Several recruits fall on the famous military base of Quantico to undergo special training to become agents of the FBI. Young Alex Parrish shows leadership and strong qualities of the future agent. She is closely watched by Academy teacher Liam O’Connar, as well as the director of the Base, Miranda Shaw.

Young guys are invited to pass a huge number of tests, assignments, acquire the necessary skills and stuff. But the main task before the leadership is to find a hidden terrorist among the recruits …

In the center of the second story is the city of New York. Under the circumstances, the FBI agent Alex Parrish joins the CIA. She gets on their training base, where in some assignments her weaknesses are determined. Together with her on the base is Ryan Booth, her friend.

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Meanwhile, in the city there is a terrorist attack, a huge number of hostages have been captured. Terrorists put forward their demands, killing one hostage. The main difficulty in preventing a terrorist attack is that terrorists themselves are among the hostages …

The main actors of the series

Actors and roles

  • Priyanka Chopra is Alex Parrish, a rookie with great potential, a professional agent of the FBI and the CIA in the future.
  • Jake McLaughlin – Ryan Booth, a rookie and secret agent, sent by the FBI to monitor Parrish, suspected of terrorism; later on her friend.
  • Josh Hopkins – Liam O’Connor, an FBI agent, a teacher at the FBI Academy.
  • Aunjanue Ellis – Miranda Shaw, director of the Base, tough and principled.
  • Yasmine Al Massri – Nima and Reina Amin, twins with different destinies.
  • Johanna E. Braddy – Shelby White, a young special agent, the daughter of wealthy parents who were deemed dead on September 11, 2011; girlfriend Parrish.
  • Graham Rogers – rookie Caleb Haas.

11 interesting facts

  1. Actress Priyanka Chopra is an Indian. She is not only an actress, but also a model, a singer. Chopra, at the moment, is the only Bollywood actress who was offered the lead role in the American TV series.
  2. Priyanka Chopra at the age of 18 became Miss Mira-2000.
  3. In the pilot version of the film, the role of the teacher of the Academy of Liam O’Connar was played by another actor – Dougray Scott. But at the insistence of the leadership in the main project was replaced by Josh Hopkins.
  4. Scenes in sports facilities were filmed at the National Institute of Sports, where the training of professional athletes. The athletes were trained between the shootings of the series.
  5. The titles of each series in the 1st season are the last word the actor made in this series.
  6. Actor Josh Hopkins is also a singer. He released several singles and video clips.
  7. For actress Onzhanu Ellis, the role in the series Baza Quantico is the first major role.
  8. Actress Yasmin Al Massri is a native of Libya.
  9. Once, while performing the trick, the actress Priyanka Chopra got a concussion, after which she was immediately hospitalized. Doctors in the trauma did not find anything serious and let them go home for rest.
  10. The series “Quantico” was translated into almost 90 languages ​​and was broadcast in 220 countries.
  11. Actor Jake McLaughlin in the past was a soldier, served in Iraq for 4 years, then after a serious injury returned home. During the service he was awarded multiple military awards and medals.
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Quantico season 4 release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
4x01Series 1closed
4x02Series 2closed
4x03Series 3closed
4x04Series 4closed
4x05Series 5closed
4x06Series 6closed
4x07Series 7closed
4x08Series 8closed
4x09Series 9closed
4x10Series 10closed

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