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Teresa Mendoza never looked for simple ways, so at all times her life was full of events. Sometimes it was wonderful moments, and sometimes tragic. Life in Mexico ended for Teresa at the moment when the guys from the drug cartel are killing her lover. Deciding to take revenge, the future Queen of the South goes to Texas, where she realizes that revenge is inevitable.

When will the “Queen of the South season 5” be released?

Continuation of the crime drama “Queen of the South” will be held in June 2020.
Few people know that the series is based on real events. The difference is only the final result – in fact, the main character of the story has been serving her sentence in prison for a long time.

This is not the first adaptation of the popular story – earlier writer Arturo Perez-Reverte worked on the novel “Queen of the South”, and he drew information from an interview with the lady who is the prototype of Teresa Mendoza.

p.s. The premiere of the 5th season of the TV show “Queen of the South” is postponed to April 7, 2021!


The loss of a lover was the starting point for Teresa. The woman decided to by all means find people involved in the death of a loved one. So she came to Texas, under the auspices of Camilla. Being a thoughtful woman, Camilla wanted to overthrow her husband Epifanio from the drug-see, and then quietly take his place. But not all conceived it turns out.

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Teresa also sees benefit in alliance with Camilla. Having a little more knowledge in the field of drugs than Camilla, Teresa gradually earns an authority that Camilla never dreamed of. Clever ideas quickly emerge in Teresa’s head, capable of promoting business, shifting enemies, helping the police not to get caught, and avoiding punishment. Such talent is rarely found in women.

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Teresa does not see unsolvable problems when it comes to managing the drug cartel, but the work on the stupid Camille quickly depresses. Teresa sees all the mistakes that the heads of large cartels make, and understands that it’s time to open your own business. As the talent of Mendoza is not deprived, she quickly manages to climb to the very top of the underworld.

The main characters of the series

Becoming one of the most influential women, Teresa becomes tougher in character. Killing traitors, enemies, enemies for her – a common thing. Sometimes close people betray and Teresa will never leave them unpunished. Needless to say, she managed to get revenge for the death of her beloved, if not immediately. Such a business forces you to be adamant, and forgiveness of your enemies may turn against you.

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In season 5, the audience is waiting for another fight with the enemies. But now Mendoza has too few allies to win this battle. What will she do? New strategy? Bribe? Or will she have to run back to Mexico?

Actors and their roles

  • Teresa Mendoza – came to Texas from Mexico to avenge the murder of a loved one; from the bottom rose and became one of the richest women owning the drug cartel; constantly struggling with enemies, because there are people who want to remove Teresa from the throne of the Queen of the South – Alice Braga.
  • Pote – for a long time was in the guard Teresa, even was listed as her personal bodyguard; met her when he was performing the task of another boss who asked to kill Mendoza – Hemky Madera.
  • Epifanio Vargas – Camilla’s husband; for many years engaged in the drug business, but in the end it turned out that it was he who had a hand in the murder Teresa’s beloved; Epifanio is famous for its insane cruelty, which can bring down even on his own family – Joaquim de Almeida.

Interesting Facts

  1. Initially, the USA Network TV channel stated that the series will last only 4 seasons, but now the audience expects a continuation. Arturo Perez-Reverte, even after the release of season 3, said that the material in his book is a maximum of one season. But the writers decided to pull out of this story all that will be possible.
  2. Alice Braga works not only in American TV shows. She is often called back to Brazil, where she enjoys taking part in the shooting. Despite the low fees, Alice never refuses and tries to help her native cinema to achieve the same heights as in Hollywood. Braga is a kind of Keanu Reeves in a skirt, because he often refuses fees or gives a part to the homeless.
  3. In season 3, Hemky Madera decided to surprise everyone with a trick with a flip, but the unfortunate fall not only made his colleagues laugh, but also brought a serious injury to the life of the actor. The spine suffered and Madera was urgently hospitalized. They had to postpone filming with Hemky for 3 months, which significantly increased the usual filming time.
  4. Strangely enough, after season 4, the actors stopped communicating with each other, although until that moment they had a very tolerable relationship. According to the director, countless disputes constantly occurred on the site, which was the reason for such ardent “non-communication” of the actors with each other.
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Queen of the South Season 5: Release Date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
5x01Series 1April 7, 2021
5x02Series 2April 14, 2021
5x03Series 3April 21, 2021
5x04Series 4April 28, 2021
5x05Series 5May 5, 2021
5x06Series 6May 12, 2021
5x07Series 7May 19, 2021
5x08Series 8May 26, 2021
5x09Series 9June 2, 2021
5x10Series 10June 9, 2021

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