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Magne and Laurits are two brothers who return with their mother to the place of her childhood. Edda is a very small city, everyone here knows each other, and medieval legends are an integral part of local folklore. Very soon, Magne realizes that he has superpowers that are directly related to old myths. But there are also those who use their capabilities to the detriment of civilians.

“Ragnarok ss 3”: release date, announcement

All that is known about the continuation of the fantastic Norwegian TV show “Ragnarok” is that it will take place! For a long time there was no information either from the producers of the project or from the cast. Finally, in November 2021, fans of the YV show learned that the filming of the season 3 had begun, which is scheduled to launch in late 2022 — early 2023. Unfortunately, at this point in time, there is no more accurate information about the release date of new episodes. We continue to follow the news.


Turid had to return to Edda and take her sons with her. When they entered the town, on the roadway they came across an old man who could hardly move in his own transport. Deciding to help the stranger, Magne got out of the car, but the old man’s wife hurried to help him. Patting Magne on the head, she stirred up strange feelings in the teenager.

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From that moment on, the guy often encountered oddities. Once he knew in advance what the weather would be like, then he accidentally breaks off the handle of the car… At first he did not attach any importance to this – he had to adapt in a new school, but it was not easy to do. Magne was not very fast in learning, as dyslexia interfered with his education. On the contrary, Laurits grasped new material in an instant.

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The relationship between the brothers was strained. Laurits liked to make fun of Magne, and he tried not to react to hurtful words. On the very first day, Magne meets a classmate, Isolde, who immediately likes him. After a short time, they became good friends and even got together on a hike up the mountain from which the glaciers descend. But in the middle of the journey, Magne had to return home.

Frame from the TV show

On the phone, Magne’s mom sent a message for help, so he came back. It turned out that the brother, who knew the weak points of his relative, made a joke. Deciding to return to Isolde, Magne senses that something is amiss. The girl, deciding to go back down on a paraglider, loses control and crashes to death. The guy’s heart is broken – he lost his only friend.

While Isolde was in the mountains, a local rich man came there as well. The girl found an abandoned mine, and the businessman stripped naked, grabbed a deer, pulled out his heart and ate it. Perhaps there was a conversation between them, and the man decided not to leave witnesses. He later set things up like an accident. But was it really so? What secret did Isolde learn? Did the girl herself get on the paraglider?

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After the grief happened, Magne has other abilities. When he gets angry, thunder starts. Norse mythology seems to introduce viewers to Thor. But who is a businessman? Why does he eat animal hearts? And what really happened to Isolde?

Actors and their roles

  • Magne – came to Edda with his family; difficult to learn; owns super powers that equate him to Thor, the god of thunder; grieving the loss of Isolde, his only friend – David Stakston.
  • Laurits – arrogant brother of Magne; considers himself superior to others, because he easily grasps the school curriculum – Jonas Strand Gravli.
  • Turid – the mother of the main characters; optimist, easily finds a common language with people; quickly settles in the city of her childhood and even meets former classmates, including Vidar – Henriette Steenstrup.
  • Isolde – Magne’s friend; in love with a classmate Saxa; lives with her father, Isolde’s mother died of cancer at the age of 38, which made the girl look at environmental problems differently; every year she went up the mountain and put marks in places where the snow is falling, but once she paraglided and landed already dead – Ylva Bjørkås Thedin.
  • Vidar – an old friend of Turid; owns a part of the Edda Mountains, where he goes to eat the hearts of deer; the locals don’t like him; Magne is in the same class as Vidar’s’ son; it was Vidar who helped Magne when he saw Isolde dead on Earth – Gísli Örn Garðarsson.
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Interesting Facts

  1. David Stakston and Herman Tømmeraas (playing Vidar’s son) have previously starred together in the Norwegian TV series “Skam“. They both got into the TV project “Ragnarok”, and learned about it when they met on the set.
  2. The audience was in love with the lesbian Isolde and did not like this alignment. Accusing the creators of the TV show of burying all gay people, the Norwegian LGBT community demanded that Ylva Bjørkås Thedin be returned to the role. Producer Stine Meldgaard Madsen announced that he would review the matter with the writers, but did not make promises.
  3. The Season 1 rating was 7.5, which is considered a very good result. However, oddly enough, some Norwegian media criticized the TV series, calling it unsuccessful in many ways.
  4. Since the release of Season 1, many critics have noted the similarity of Ragnarok to another youth project, Twilight. This cannot but rejoice, because the popularity of the vampire saga was simply incredible. Will “Ragnarok” repeat this success?

Ragnarok Season 3: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
3x01Series 12022-2023
3x02Series 22022-2023
3x03Series 32022-2023
3x04Series 42022-2023
3x05Series 52022-2023
3x06Series 62022-2023

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