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Solving the problems of the most influential people, Ray Donovan can not put in order his own life, which has long been in a troubled state. In trying to solve his problems, the man plunges into a string of failures even more. Will Ray manage his own life on his own?

When will the series “Ray Donovan Season 7” come out?

The continuation of the multi-series action movie “Ray Donovan” will take place on November 17, 2019. 6 seasons were quite successfully received by the public and now the creators decided to start work on the next season. The unsuccessful start, which the series overcame with difficulty before the release of the pilot episode, ended with complete success for the entire crew.


When someone tries to smear the reputation of an influential businessman, Ray comes to the rescue. He successfully eliminates any obstacles that stand in the way of his clients. The question remains only for the amount of the fee. Donovan is not familiar with the notion of honor or dignity – he with special cruelty is straightened out with disagreeable people.

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Since the beginning of his career, he has created a team of like-minded people who are ready to help him conduct business. Working weekdays proceed without a hitch, which can not be said about family life. The dissatisfied wife daily chastises her husband for the fact that his children are ignored by the parent. Ray loves children and wife, but can not always give them enough time.

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Trying to settle the painful question, Donovan tries in vain to negotiate with his wife. While the protagonist thinks about home problems, Donovan Sr. comes out of prison, who is absolutely sure that it was Ray who set him up and put him behind bars. Mickey is going to put on Ray all the anger for years spent in prison.

Now the life that seemed disagreeable to Ray, becomes even more gloomy, because his life is threatened with death by his own father. Now Ray needs a man who does the same job as he does. Will Ray be able to settle the conflict with his father peacefully?

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Shot from the series

Actors and their roles

  • Ray Donovan – successful, purposeful, was able to ensure a decent life for his family, despite the fact that he himself was brought up in poor conditions, loves children and spouse, eliminates ill-wishers of his clients using criminal methods, at any cost protects his property – Liv Schreiber.
  • Mickey Donovan – Ray’s father, who for a long time blamed his son for his imprisonment, remains in an uncertain relationship with the main character – John Voight.
  • Bridget Donovan – daughter of Ray, favorite, was given little attention in the first seasons, but from the 5th season she became one of the key characters – Carrie Dorsey.

Interesting Facts

  1. The series from 2013 is broadcasted on the television channel “Showtime” and is considered the longest-running picture, yielding to the number of seasons only for the series “Shameless”.
  2. Anne Biderman is considered the creator of the series. Before starting the shooting, Biederman had to make a lot of efforts to assemble the team and subsequently launch the telecard. 2 years, none of the TV channels did not want to undertake the release of the pilot episode.
  3. Each season contains 10 series, lasting 40-45 minutes, and also has an age limit of “18+”.
  4. On the official website there was information from the producer of the series David Hollander, regarding the Season 7. In the event that the sixth season will have the same popularity, the audience will be able to see Season 7 ahead of the scheduled time.
  5. Audience at the time of one episode is 3 million people, which is considered an excellent result for the channel “Showtime”. The ratings on popular movie sites are quite high and do not drop below the 8.3 mark by expected or 90% by freshness.
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Ray Donovan Season 7: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
7x01Series 1November 17, 2019
7x02Series 2November 24, 2019
7x03Series 3December 1, 2019
7x04Series 4December 8, 2019
7x05Series 5December 15, 2019
7x06Series 6December 22, 2019
7x07Series 7December 29, 2019
7x08Series 8January 5, 2020
7x09Series 9January 12, 2020
7x10Series 10January 19, 2020

Liev Schreiber on playing Hollywood fixer in “Ray Donovan”

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