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The future project of Steven Spielberg tells of the fantastic events taking place in the distant 2045. Habitual life was left behind, the world plunged into darkness and chaos. Communication between people is carried out through online games, among which the famous “Oasis”. The late game developer bequeathed his multi-millionaire state to someone who finds a hidden Easter egg. Players around the planet are desperately trying to win.

When will the movie “Ready Player One 2” be released?

Fans are impatiently waiting for the famous author Ernest Cline to finish work on the continuation of the novel. According to some reports, the cast has already signed filming papers in the second part of the film. There was agreement on the part of the great Steven Spielberg, who directed the project.

According to the latest data, the premiere of the part 2 of the film “Ready Player One” will take place only in 2024. More accurate information is not yet available.

The plot of the picture

In the first part begins an online quest, exciting all the inhabitants of the planet. The creator of an unusual virtual game, James Holliday put a difficult task before the players. According to a unique testament, a person who can find an Easter egg will become his heir. The billionaire did not give players hints, they will have to search for the artifact on their own. People from all over the world are immersed in virtual reality.

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Among them is a young boy named Wade Watts. He hopes, among others, to win and get rich. Once in virtual reality, the hero faces dangerous trials, insidious opponents, ready to go to anything, just to win. The guy manages to find allies. Soon he realizes that a potential victory can bring him many troubles. There are those who do not like his successes.

Ready player one

What to expect from the “Ready player one 2”?

Fans of the cinema are already asking about the coming sequel, which is sure to be if the first movie will collect a good cash register. It is worth noting that in social networks there was news that the author of the novel “Ready player one” writes a sequel. Many fans decided that the sequel must be.

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Ernest Cline reported this in social networks, noting that he would use some ideas of the director Spielberg in the continuation. Thus it turns out that “Ready player one” can become not just a successful movie, but also the beginning of a popular franchise.

Actors and their roles

In the movie “Ready player one” were mostly young and perspective actors. Perhaps most of them will appear in the sequel.

  • Wade Watts – Tye Sheridan
  • “Sam” Cooke – Olivia Cooke
  • i-R0k – TJ Miller
  • Nollan Sorrento – Ben Mendelsohn
  • James Holliday – Mark Rylance
  • Ogden Morrow – Simon Pegg

News and interesting facts

  1. Ernest Cline several times mentioned Steven Spielberg in his novel. Later in 2015, fans became aware that Spielberg would become the director of the picture.
  2. Directed by the project could become such famous personalities as Peter Jackson, Robert Zemeckis, Christopher Nolan, Edgar Wright and Matthew Vaughn.
  3. In December 2017 it was announced about the future continuation of the novel “Ready player one”
  4. Most of the story unfolds in virtual reality. The creators of the picture achieved this through visual effects.
  5. Steven Spielberg used in the movie several references to his past work. According to the director, many of them he cut out in the final version.
  6. The movie company bought the rights to the book “Ready player one”, even before its publication.
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Ready player one 2: release date

Movie titleRelease date
Ready player one 22024

Ready Player One Review

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