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David Myers always dreamed of living in abundance. When he was offered to work in the parking lot of the famous club “Red Oaks”, he did not hesitate for a long time and agreed to the offer.

When will the series “Red Oaks Season 4” be released?

The continuation of the comedy series “Red Oaks” will not take place, as the telecard was closed after the third season. The final set all the points and gave answers to the most important questions.


As a student at a local university, David tried to excel in his studies, because he believed that good grades would help him succeed in the future. The guy lived in the same house with his parents, but the relationship between the adolescent and the adult generation was bad.

Misunderstanding from the parents left their imprint on the character of the guy. He was quiet, silent, inconspicuous and never considered the soul of the company. His secret love was the beauty of Misty’s school, but the girl never paid any attention to him.

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Possessing a modest character, David could not think of a way to attract Misty’s attention. In addition to university hobbies, Myers needed financial resources. In attempts to earn extra money, David settles in a fashionable club called “Red Oaks”.

Here come the richest people of New Jersey, leaving fabulous sums on their desks. He begins to realize where wealthy people are getting such huge money, and at the same time comes the realization that David himself is not ready for such sacrifices. It is from here that the most important adventures begin in the life of the main character.

Working relationships, confused with personal, make a huge discord in the life of a young man. Here he will meet his first love, which is truly unforgettable. 3 season gave viewers the opportunity to see a positive ending.

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If the management of the series decides to extend the “Red Oaks” for season 4, then it is worthwhile to assume about the appearance of new problems in the life of the main characters. Let’s hope that soon fans will hear news about the continuation of the series.

Shot from the series

Actors and their roles

  • David Myers, a shy teenager who tries to succeed in life, is in love with a girl from his university, is in bad relations with relatives, and is employed by the “Red Oaks” – Craig Roberts.
  • Misty is the most popular girl in the university, the star of her faculty, David’s lover, but does not know about it – Alexander Turshen.
  • Judy Myers is the mother of David, a woman with a peculiar character, despite conflicts with her son, loves him and is always ready to rejoice in success – Jennifer Gray.
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Interesting Facts

  1. For all time of the series there were only 3 seasons. The first two consisted of 10 series, the third was shorter – only 6 episodes lasting 25 minutes.
  2. The main scenes were filmed at the club “Edgewood Country Club”, which is located in the city of River Vale, New Jersey.
  3. The picture is taken in retro style, because the narrative begins in the distant 1985, when many of today’s themes were strictly forbidden. The atmosphere of the previous years is perfectly preserved, and in combination with the game of the main characters this series can rightly be called one of the best modern paintings that tell about the last years.

Red Oaks season 4 release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
4x01Series 1closed
4x02Series 2closed
4x03Series 3closed
4x04Series 4closed
4x05Series 5closed
4x06Series 6closed
4x07Series 7closed
4x08Series 8closed
4x09Series 9closed
4x10Series 10closed

Red Oaks

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