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We often think about what others think of us. This is especially pronounced in adolescence, when it seems that every step you take is being watched under a microscope. And to be like everyone else is the only correct decision. The anime “Rent-A-Girlfriend” is the story of a teenager who finds himself in a similar situation. But day after day, he begins to understand that everything in life is not so simple…

The genre is a romantic comedy.
The number of episodes – 12.
The season 1 premiered on July 10, 2020.
The original name of the anime is Kanojo, Okarishimasu

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“Rent-A-Girlfriend ss 2”: release date, announcement

Viewers who watched Season 1 of the anime “Rent-A-Girlfriend” praised it. The adaptation is well worth the time if you are a fan of the romantic comedy genre. And in this anime there is a place to laugh, while it is completely without vulgarity. Critics gave good reviews for the plot, the development of the main characters, music and art. This is a quality anime that should be continued.

Finally, in February 2021, fans received the official news that Season 2 of the “Rent-a-Girlfriend” anime awaits them! The premiere is scheduled for July 2, 2022!


For Kazuya Kinoshita, a black streak came in life – he was abandoned by a girl with whom he dated for a month. She fell in love with another guy, lost her head, blocked Kuzuya on social networks and completely flew into a new relationship. It was low blow for a guy. After spending the night in hysterics, he decides to install the most popular app in Japan – Rent-A-Girlfriend. Why not rent a girlfriend?

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Following a date plan, a cafe – oceanarium – a walk through the evening city, Kazuya realizes that the hired girl Chizuru is just ideal. She is beautiful, sweet, modest and simply charming. But when she finds out that this is her “work mask” and she works with all clients in the same way, she gives her a low mark in the application. Kazuya doesn’t even know how violent the girl will react to such a review!

Frame from anime

Kazuya’s life plunges into complete chaos as the plot develops, because when paired with Chizuru, new emotions await him, as well as ridiculous situations in which the guy will blush with shame. Despite this, the protagonist of the story will finally understand that he is not alone in this world. And we will continue to monitor how his relationship with the girls will develop. And what will these new acquaintances lead to…

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Main characters

  • Kazuya Kinoshita – 1st year college student; after parting with his girlfriend, he orders a girl for an hour, which seems ideal to him, but only at first; by nature, indecisive and even shy, has a kind heart, is always ready to help his friends and relatives; Kazuya is a lover of telling lies, which is why he often gets involved in ridiculous situations.
  • Chizuru Ichinose / Chizuru Mizuhara – studies at the same college as the main character; in life Chizuru is more daring and bright; despite her true harsh nature, she will always help those who need her, showing kindness and care for the person; in a second can come up with a story or an excuse for what is happening while Kazuya is in a stupor; she is sweet and caring at work, so she is highly appreciated at the Diamond company.
  • Nagomi Kinoshita – Kazuya’s grandmother; despite its age, very modern; does not hesitate to ask her grandson about his sexual relationship with a new girlfriend; is an active user of the Internet; she went to the hospital for the third time, so most of the grandmothers-patients from neighboring wards are her friends; incredibly glad that her grandson has a girlfriend.

Interesting Facts

  1. The anime series was directed by Kazuomi Koga. He has worked on projects such as “Fire Force“, “Goblin Slayer“, “How Not to Summon a Demon Lord”, “Baki“, “Golden Kamuy“, and others.
  2. The original source of Kazuya Kinoshita’s story is a manga that first appeared in Weekly Shōnen Magazine in July 2017. As of August 2020, 16 volumes have been published. The new volume was published on September 17 of the same year.
  3. The name of the protagonist Kazuya Kinoshita in translation from Japanese can be translated as follows:
    Kazuya – “harmony, peace” (Kazu) and “to be, also” (ya),
    Kinoshita – “tree, wood” (Ki) and “under, below” (shita).
  4. The name of the main character Chizuru Mizuhara is translated from Japanese as follows:
    Chizuru – “thousand” (Chi) and “crane” (zuru). If we turn to an ancient Japanese legend, we learn that the gods fulfill the cherished desire of the one who folds a thousand origami cranes. Hence the name of the heroine.
    Ichinose – “one” (Ichi) and “swift current, rapids” (se).
    Mizuhara – “water” (Mizu) and “field, plain” (“hara”).
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Rent-A-Girlfriend Season 2: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
2x01Series 1July 2, 2022
2x02Series 2July 9, 2022
2x03Series 3July 16, 2022
2x04Series 4July 23, 2022
2x05Series 5July 30, 2022
2x06Series 6August 6, 2022
2x07Series 7August 13, 2022
2x08Series 8August 20, 2022
2x09Series 9August 27, 2022
2x10Series 10September 3, 2022

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