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Mara – a brilliant beauty, who graduated with honors from the police academy. Having achieved unprecedented successes in the field of manipulating consciousness and bringing criminals to clean water, the girl is entrusted with a new task directly related to her activities.

When will the series “Reverie season 2” be released?

The continuation of the drama thriller “Reverie season 2” will not take place. The fascinating adventures of a charming brunette excited the minds of film lovers. But, despite the increasing rating of the series, they decided to close the project. Officially, this was reported in November 2018 by representatives of the NBC television channel.


Mara ideally feels the mood of a person, thanks to which she succeeds in her work. Colleagues respect her for adherence to principles and a desire to save lives, no matter how many people were saved. Even the most closed characters are ready to entrust to the girl inconceivable secrets, which often helped to reveal terrible tragedies and save innocent lives.

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Negotiations with criminals are her hobby. But such work is capable of knocking down even a person with strong psyche. Mare had a hard time and in the end she decided to leave her post as a specialist in the compilation of psychological analysis. She wanted to feel alive again and begin to build a quiet life.

The rest did not last long. For an expert like Mara, there was a suitable job. The team of people came under the influence of one of the computer programs, the essence of which is life in virtual reality.

But the program was not finalized and people remained in their minds, outwardly being in a deep coma. Over time, it became known that after a long stay in the illusory world, they begin to die.

To save those whose lives hang in the balance, Mare has to penetrate into their subconscious. Diving on the back streets of the psyche, she realizes that there are full unsolved mysteries. The girl tries to save every person from imminent death. But how can this be done when the subjects themselves do not want to return from the virtual reality?

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As a result of several unsuccessful attempts to rescue a group of people, Mara realizes that it is time to work on a psychological level. Only a professional can do this work and Mara knows that nobody can better her with this work.

Shot from the series

Actors and their roles

  • Mara Kint – Sarah Shahi. Engaged in acting since 1993. Nevertheless, she managed to create an exemplary family and brings up three children. She can be seen in the series “Supernatural“, “Kate’s intermediary”, “Life as a sentence”. For roles, he chooses comedies, dramas and thrillers.
  • Charlie Ventana – Dennis Haysbert. An African American, native of San Mateo, California. After the release of the TV series “24 hours” became popular in his native country. His latest works were “City of sins 2. A woman for whose sake it is worth killing”, “The Third Extra”, “The Experimenter”, “The Battle of the Teachers”.
  • Monica Shaw – Kathrun Morris. Has in his filmography many famous films and series, including “Special Opinion”, “Hunters for Reason”, “The Man Who Changed Everything”.
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Interesting Facts

  1. In March 2017, NBC officially announced that it had ordered a pilot series. After a successful debut, the whole season was ordered.
  2. The creators of the series for a long time could not decide on the main roles. Sarah and Dennis were the last to be cast into the cast.
  3. The plot of the first season leaked to the Internet long before the series was allowed to rotate. But this did not affect the fate of the show in any way, but, on the contrary, it increased the number of spectators. Perhaps this was a PR move by the creators.

Reverie season 2 release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
2x01Series 1will not take place
2x02Series 2will not take place
2x03Series 3will not take place
2x04Series 4will not take place
2x05Series 5will not take place
2x06Series 6will not take place
2x07Series 7will not take place
2x08Series 8will not take place
2x09Series 9will not take place
2x10Series 10will not take place

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