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People are too limited in their own consciousness, so they are not able to see obvious things. Rick is not like that. Having found a way to travel between worlds, he began only to accumulate his knowledge even more. But what can lead to exorbitant craving for adventure? Taking his grandson Morty as his partner, Rick decides to continue his endless outings from home.

When will the “Rick and Morty Season 5” new episodes be released?

The continuation of the beloved animated series “Rick and Morty” is scheduled for release on June 20, 2021. Officially, this has not yet been confirmed.
The ratings are so high that the show has been recognized as the most profitable animated series for several years in a row, pushing to the background such giants as “Family Guy” and “South Park”.

The season 4 left many prerequisites for the soon return of our favorite characters to the screens, and the creators confirmed work on the season 5.

Recall that season 4 was divided into 2 parts: the first part premiered on November 10, 2019, and the second one on May 3, 2020.


Once upon a time, Rick left his own daughter, Beth, and set off to travel the galaxy. He soon realized that there were several realities, in each of which he, Rick, was a mad scientist. The company to him in every journey is a grandson, Morty, who is afraid even of his own shadow. After spending many years traveling, he decides to return home. For his Morty.

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As it turned out, here Beth is waiting for him. She has a daughter, Summer – she is smart, cynical and popular at school. Her husband, Jerry, although not a role model, is considered a good father and a relatively good spouse. But the main thing for Rick remains the youngest child of Beth – Morty.

The boy is in high school, in love with his classmate Jessica, extremely stupid, cowardly and asks too many questions that Rick has to constantly answer. However, Rick will never trade Morty for another companion, especially if you take into account his family members. Pretending to be good-natured, Rick lives in Beth’s house and enjoys all the amenities.

Frame from the animated series

Jerry is the first to understand that Rick has a bad influence on Morty, and he also uses Beth’s resentment to his advantage. By pushing the levers correctly, Rick is able to make Beth take his side and turn his back on her husband. In one of the previous seasons, Rick was able to quarrel his daughter with Jerry, as a result of which the couple is on the verge of a divorce.

In season 4, Rick and Morty were still looking for Sichuan sauce, which grandfather talks about every episode. But the results were unsuccessful. Morty is no longer enthusiastic and is ready to trade Rick for a stone, showing the future, where Morty will soon meet with Jessica. Beth also tolerates the indecent behavior of her father, but she is increasingly involved in intergalactic travels…

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Main characters

  • Rick – an old crazy grandfather, obsessed with Sichuan sauce, is ready to use all his knowledge to find this product; travels with his grandson Morty, uses the kindness of his daughter, hates son-in-law, periodically scoffs at Summer; he collected a whole spaceship in his daughter’s garage.
  • Morty – Rick’s grandson, the youngest son of Beth and Jerry, brother of Summer; stupid, so Rick is very convenient to use; has many of its prototypes in different realities, one of which wants to kill all Ricks; Morty is in love with a classmate and can not do anything about his feelings.
  • Beth – Rick’s daughter, a veterinarian, married to Jerry; she experiences not the best time in marriage, often quarrels with her husband, does not respect him and asks to find a job; Beth adores her father, forgives him all misconduct, because he is afraid of his next departure.
  • Jerry – husband of Beth, father of Summer and Morty; hates Rick and constantly tries to ruin his life; loves romantic films, is a big fan of the “Titanic”, and even once made Beth spend time with him on a cruise dedicated to the painting.
  • Summer – the eldest daughter of Beth; often freezes with friends; is the exact opposite of a brother; not afraid of change and other people’s opinions; in other realities, she is often an even more powerful character.
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Interesting Facts

  1. The animated series first appeared on Cartoon Network in 2013. The next season appeared only after 2 years, and then the audience annually received a new portion of the series.
  2. The series is a remote parody of a series of films about the mad scientist – “Back to the Future”, which was popular dozens of years ago. The creative approach to the creation of the animated series and the twisted plot helped Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon achieve incredible success, and Rick and Morty became favorite characters of today’s youth.
  3. The voice of Beth, Sarah Chalke used to play the role of Elliot in the TV series Clinic.
  4. Justin Roiland is voiced by both Rick and Morty. To make it easier for him to get used to the role, he tries to voice his characters on different days. Each season, Justin spent a few days for Rick or Morty to get a voice.

Rick and Morty Season 5: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
5x01Series 1June 20, 2021
5x02Series 2June 27, 2021
5x03Series 3July 4, 2021
5x04Series 4July 11, 2021
5x05Series 5July 18, 2021
5x06Series 6July 25, 2021
5x07Series 7August 1, 2021
5x08Series 8August 8, 2021
5x09Series 9August 15, 2021
5x10Series 10August 22, 2021

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