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The next adventures of an unlucky couple of travelers are waiting for us soon! This time they are not afraid of other dimensions, because Rick was able to develop the perfect weapon, ready to shock anyone! But what if Rick and Morty from other dimensions also guessed to create such a weapon? So the next adventure begins!

“Rick and Morty ss 7”: release date, announcement

In an interview with Inverse, showrunner Scott Marder and producer James Siciliano announced that the season 7 of the “Rick and Morty” adult animated series is coming. The exact date of the premiere of new episodes has not yet been announced — it is simply unknown. However, it is believed that the show will take place towards the end of 2023.


Many years ago, when Beth was just a girl, her father abandoned her. Decades passed, she married Jerry Smith, had two children: Summer and Morty. Life seemed to her not so bad, especially since she found a job to her liking. Beth has been working as a veterinarian for a long time and saves animals from terrible diseases. But one day everything changes.

Rick appears on the threshold of her house — the same unfortunate father who once left Beth alone. Deciding to show her children a worthy example, she forgives her father. And how not to forgive if the inferiority complex after his departure remained with her for life! And instead of apologizing to his daughter, Rick is always going somewhere with Morty, Beth’s youngest son!

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As it turns out later, they are sent to different dimensions, where Rick comes up with new tasks for them. One of the main goals of the first seasons for the crazy grandfather was the extraction of Szechuan sauce, which he could not find, since its production was suspended on Earth.

Frame from the animated series

But soon Beth decided to limit Morty from Rick’s bad influence. And then other members of the family began to participate in travels to various galaxies. Beth learned that there were copies of her in every dimension, and Rick’s random phrase made her think that she was just a copy of some other Beth. Summer easily passed obstacles wherever she was. And Jerry, wherever they were, always remained a loser.

The collapse of Jerry and Beth’s marriage, Summer’s true desires, and Morty’s secret love have long since become relics of the past. Now it remains only to deal with the evil Morty, who is ready to destroy any Rick, from any planet and dimension. But it soon turns out that he is not so evil, and by killing his grandfather, he just wants to restore justice.

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Many times Rick has put Morty in danger. In different time periods, Morty died painful deaths that were the fault of Rick. What will the Smith family say when they find out that the next Morty is facing a similar fate?..

Main characters and voice actors

  • Beth — suffering from self-doubt that appeared after the departure of her father; tries to build a life based on what is dear to her, but ultimately all this leads her to alcoholism and the recognition that her marriage to the loser Jerry was a mistake; loves children and for their sake is ready to go even against her father, whom she idolized — Sarah Chalk.
  • Rick — a wanted old grandfather who has done a lot of trouble in search of his favorite kind of sauce; Rick always chooses Morty as his partner and it soon becomes clear why; really loves his relatives, but not enough to oppose his own ambitions — Justin Roiland.
  • Morty — the son of Beth and Jerry; shy teenager; often takes on strange forms as his grandfather tests new serums on him; hates sister; in love with a girl from school and is embarrassed to tell her about it — Justin Roiland.
  • Summer — the daughter of Beth and Jerry; despises parents, adores friends and communication with them on the phone; unable to live without gadgets; looking for ways out of any dimensions and always wins; jealous of Morty, with whom Rick spends more time — Spencer Grammer.
  • Jerry — Beth’s husband; a homebody, constantly finds himself in ridiculous situations, which dishonors the family; often thinks about communication with men; reproaches his wife for trifles, not noticing serious omissions; cowardly, prone to self-criticism — Chris Parnell.
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Interesting Facts

  1. Viewers may have noticed that Rick’s appearance resembles Dr. Emmett Brown, and Morty is an exact copy of Marty McFly. These are characters from the “Back to the Future” trilogy.
  2. Before the release of the season 7, the eighth one was immediately prepared. In total, they need to create 20 episodes. In 2022, there was a replenishment in the team of scriptwriters — their total number exceeded 30 people!
  3. Before the release of the season 6, it was known that the voice actor Chris Parnell had withdrawn from work on the animated series. At the moment, it is known that the rumors were only PR for the beginning of new episodes, since Parnell returned to voice Jerry and some other characters.

Rick and Morty Season 7: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
7x01Series 12023
7x02Series 22023
7x03Series 32023
7x04Series 42023
7x05Series 52023
7x06Series 62023
7x07Series 72023
7x08Series 82023
7x09Series 92023
7x10Series 102023

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