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The series is based on real events. One of the high school teachers tries to free up their ambitions in theatrical productions, where the pupils of the school take part directly. Thanks to this fact, the whole city becomes famous.

When will the “Rise season 2” be released?

On May 2018, NBC officially announced the closure of the project. The continuation of the favorite picture of many “Rise” will not be removed.


The ordinary teacher of English literature Lou Madzukelli has an excellent reputation. A man has a wonderful family, his children love him and respect the teachers. To the learning process, Lu tries to approach creatively, so that all his lessons are easy and at ease.

The children are completely delighted with their teacher. Subsequently, the young teacher decides to stage a play in which the students of this school will participate. At first, none of the students is interested in this idea, but Lou does not intend to give up and tries to interest the students.

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When he is able to gather the necessary number of people in his dramatic circle, he decides to stage the play. The process so captivates the audience that even the parents of school children come to rehearsals to admire their child.

Shot from the series

At this time, the play is gaining more and more momentum and now the team of actors are not only students, but also teachers, and even the parents of students. This good story tells how one performance can change the life of a whole city.

In addition to the main action, the stories of several characters are perfectly revealed. The theme of fathers and children, the experience of adolescents and their social status are well described. Thanks to such good TV series, it’s nice to watch television pictures.

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Actors and their roles

  • Lou Madzukelli – Josh Radnor. Became popular after playing the role of Ted in the American sitcom “How I Met Your Mother”. Just starred in the series “The client is always dead”, “Law and Order”, “Happy Together”.
  • Gail – Marley Shelton. He voices Betsy in the animated series “American Daddy”. Has extensive filmography, which includes hundreds of television works.
  • Robbie Thorn – Damon Gillespie. A young actor who managed to appear in the films “Rebellion”, “Matching”, “Inside the Group”, “Sama”.

Interesting Facts

  1. The series is based on a real story, which happened with a teacher from Levittown, Lu Volpe. Thanks to this man the whole world learned about the existence of his native city.
  2. The first season of the series “The Rise” was released on March 13, 2018 and consisted of ten episodes.
  3. In the second season, the position of the head of the development department was put by Jeni Mulein, deciding that she would cope better with this post than the rest.
  4. Most of the characters who play the pupils are the children of the creators of the series.
  5. After the release of the first season, the project management in one of the interviews answered the question: “What can be shown in the second season, if the story of an outstanding teacher is logically completed?”. One of the creators replied that the story is just beginning. These words only fueled the interest of the public to continue the series. Unfortunately, the audience will not wait for the 2nd season.
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Rise season 2 release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
2x01Series 1closed
2x02Series 2closed
2x03Series 3closed
2x04Series 4closed
2x05Series 5closed
2x06Series 6closed
2x07Series 7closed
2x08Series 8closed
2x09Series 9closed
2x10Series 10closed

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