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American television project “Riverdale” was first shown to the viewer in January 2017 on the channel CW Television Network. Teenage drama rivets its plot, where the main characters gradually reveal the secrets and horrors of a small town.

The premiere of the 1st season is January 26, 2017 (13 episodes).
The second season – 11/10/2017 (22 series).
Genre is a drama.
Timing – 42-45 minutes.
Number of seasons – 2.
The number of episodes is 35.

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When will the series “Riverdale season 3” be released?

At the moment, the executive producers of the film Roberto Aguirre-Sacas and Greg Bertlant, who are also screenwriters, have officially announced the continuation of the shooting. Judging by the increasing popularity of the series with the audience, we will wait for the continuation of the series “Riverdale” in the fall. The planned date of the premiere – October 10, 2018.
Another fact is interesting: it is known for certain that the final part of the first season was shot under several scenarios so that the actors themselves could not know how it would all end. In this way, information leakage in the media was excluded.

The creators of “Riverdale” – those still schemers …


The whole story of the adventures of the main character Archie Andrews and his friends begins with the sudden death of a young guy Jason Blossom at the height of the summer. A gunshot wound was found in his body …

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Archie is an ordinary high school student. Together with his friends he constantly encounters the secrets of a small town called Riverdale. The interlacing of destinies, a love triangle, friendship, rivalry, betrayal and investigation of the mysterious murder of Jason Blossom – all this is to be understood by the main characters …

Actors and roles

  • KJ Apa – Archibald / Archie Andrews, a pretty high school student, can not decide who it is most – a football player or a musician, in parallel meets with several girls.
  • Luke Perry – Frederick / Fred Andrews, Archie’s father.
  • Lili Reinhart – Elizabeth / Betty Cooper, in love with Archie, but is his best friend and neighbor, her father is a rich businessman.
  • Madhan Amik – Alice Cooper, Betty’s mother.
  • Camila Mendes – Veronica Lodge, a high school student who returned to the city after her departure.
  • Marisol Nichols – Hermione Lodge, mother of Veronica.
  • Mark Consuelos – Hiram Lodge, father of Veronica.
  • Cole Sprouse – Jughead Jones, Archie’s friend, they were at odds for a while.
  • Trevor Stines – Jason Blossom, the dead guy.
  • Madelaine Petsch – Cheryl Blossom, the sister of the deceased Jason.
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The main characters of the series

12 interesting facts

  1. Initially, the TV series “Riverdale” was to be broadcast on Fox channel in 2014, but for unknown reasons, the management refused this idea.
  2. The character Archie Andrews first appeared in the magazine as a comic book on December 22, 1941! Archi Comic comics are considered the longest of all comics.
  3. The series was nominated for many awards. So, the award was received for “Best TV series in the genre of action / thriller”, and actor KJ Apa received the award as “Best Actor Breakthrough”.
  4. Actor’s father KJ Apa is a self-ancestor, is the leader of a village in an island nation in the Pacific Ocean – in Samoa.
  5. Lily Reinhart is both an actress and a singer.
  6. Camila Mendez has Brazilian roots. Her debut shooting is IKEA advertising.
  7. Based on the most popular comics about the adventures of a young guy named Archie, animated and feature-length films were created, and an entire picture gallery with images of the main characters was opened.
  8. Cole Sprous has a twin brother. He is also an actor. They were born in Italy, where at that time parents taught English. Brothers since the childhood are removed in cinema, both separately, and together, and even once played one role by turns. Cole Sprous has the experience of a photographer and model, when he was filming / shooting for a fashion magazine.
  9. Marisol Nichols has Romanian, Hungarian, Mexican and Spanish roots.
  10. Madeleine Petsh in 2014 was shot in a commercial of Coca-Cola. It is also known that she is vegan.
  11. The name of the actress Madhen Amik in German means “girl”. Amiq perfectly plays the piano, double bass, violin and guitar. All this thanks to my stepfather, a musician.
  12. On July 16, 2010, a postage stamp with a face value of 44 cents was published, featuring Archie, Veronica and Betty, drinking a chocolate milkshake.
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Riverdale season 3 release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
3x01Series 1October 10, 2018
3x02Series 2October 17, 2018
3x03Series 3October 24, 2018
3x04Series 4October 31, 2018
3x05Series 5November 7, 2018
3x06Series 6November 14, 2018
3x07Series 7November 21, 2018
3x08Series 8November 28, 2018
3x09Series 9December 5, 2018
3x10Series 10December 12, 2018

Riverdale: Between the Scenes | Madelaine Petsch

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