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Peter Laurence was at the center of a scandal – the journalist Charmian Pepper accuses him of fraudulent financial fraud in Washington. Peter himself decided to go to court with the intention of punishing the slanderers who wrote about this in the newspaper. And so it happened – he managed to prove he was right, and Pepper was fired. But will a woman leave this case if she is sure of Laurence’s guilt?

“Roadkill ss 2”: release date, announcement

No sequel to the political show “Roadkill” is planned as BBC One ordered a mini-series that aired in full from October to November 2020.


Charmian Pepper once wrote an article in a newspaper, where she publicly accused the politician Peter Laurence of permissiveness and violation of the law. In a fit of anger, Peter counter-sued the newspaper for libel. Having won the case, which resulted in a fine of £ 1.5 million, Laurence calmed down. The insurance company refused to pay the newspaper, and Pepper was immediately fired.

Like many people, Peter Laurence did not always act according to his conscience. He gave and accepted bribes, did not hesitate to meet with women on the side, etc. As a result, it turned out not in the best way for him – he often received calls from women claiming that they had raised a child, and Peter is his real father.

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One of these calls Laurence received after the trial with the newspaper where Charmian Pepper worked. He learned that one of his daughters is now in prison and wishes to meet with him. But when Peter arrives at the appointed time, another girl comes to him and says that his daughter is not yet ready to talk to him, but soon she will definitely decide on this step.

Frame from the TV show

At this time, Lily, the official daughter of Laurence, does not think about her image – she attends rock concerts, loves to get drugged, and the rest does not matter to her. Peter himself never advertised this fact, but also did not try to make a secret out of it. Many knew about Lily and her difficult nature, affecting her relationship with her parents.

While Laurence is running about his mistresses and daughters, Charmian enlists the support of one of the politician’s lawyers, and decides to continue the fight. She blackmails the editor to take her back to the newspaper, and in 2 weeks she wants to prove that Peter’s reputation is not as pure as everyone thinks of him.

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At this point, the House of Ministers is dissolved and Laurence is offered a difficult position. Dawn Ellison offers him a high position – to deal with jurisdiction. Just at this time, riots broke out in the prison, where one of Peter’s possible daughters is sitting. He has to agree. But he didn’t know that he was signing a death warrant for his career… Will Laurence resist rumors? What will the second trial turn out to be for him? And will he?

Actors and their roles

  • Peter Laurence – a politician with a shameful past; still occasionally breaks the law; loyal to his secretary who knows about his machinations; trusts only his assistant; has illegitimate children and an evil enemy in the person of Miss Pepper, a journalist who dreams of showing people his dishonest political life – Hugh Laurie.
  • Charmian Pepper – a smart, talented, objective young journalist; former alcoholic; afraid to break off again after being fired and attends a meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous, where she meets one of Laurence’s lawyers; on his advice, returns to the newspaper with the intention of exposing Laurence – Sarah Greene.
  • Lily Laurence – Peter’s daughter, has a bad relationship with him; uses illegal drugs, visits establishments with a dubious reputation; becomes a desirable target for those who want to overthrow her father – Millie Brady.
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Interesting Facts

  1. After the release of episode 1, viewers wondered if the main character has prototypes in real life? David Hare, the creator of the show, immediately reacted to this by officially declaring that the events of the TV series did not apply to anyone in existence. Peter Laurence’s character is completely fictional.
  2. After numerous roles of doctors, Hugh Laurie finally changed his role, while the actor himself had long dreamed of a completely different character. To play such a non-standard person as Laurence is a real art, because Laurie from the first episode was able to convey the ambiguity of character and the ability to hide obvious facts.
  3. The filming process took place in London, periodically moving to Hastings, where they filmed mainly on the uncrowded streets of the scene. In such places, for example, the scene was filmed when a crowd of paparazzi ran towards Peter getting out of the car. Almost all of the actors and crew members lived in the UK and had no problem getting to the filming location.

Roadkill Season 2: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
2x01Series 1not announced
2x02Series 2not announced
2x03Series 3not announced
2x04Series 4not announced

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