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It is very unusual to be aware of the fact that once in the distant past fantastic works were written, which in our days are so relevant, interesting and incredible in sensations. The series “Roadside Picnic ” was no exception, because it is created based on the story of the same name by the Strugatsky brothers who wrote it back in 1972. By the way, that fact that the guru of American cinematography were so interested in russian authors , that they took on the adaptation, makes the film even more anticipated.

The number of expected seasons is 2.
Genre: fantasy, drama, adventure.

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Prehistory of the filming of the series

In September 2015, the media reported that the American television station WGN America ordered a pilot series of “Roadside Picnic “. A screenwriter, director and producer was known. In 2016, the main role was approved by actor Matthew Goode, and in February 2017 the audience finally saw the trailer for the series. Everything went fine, while the film company, without announcing anything, suspended the shooting of the first season, refusing even the pilot series. But the plot is written, the director is ready to work – so the series will be made… someday…

The release date of the series Picnic on the roadside is still unknown.
The filming is postponed for an indefinite period.

The plot of the series

1 season

1970s. On the planet, scientists suddenly began to discover places in which everything that is happening does not fit into the minds of scientists. These sites are called “Zones”. Here physical properties of space and time change, the usual laws of physics simply do not work. Some researchers have suggested that extraterrestrial civilizations, moving to other planets, stopped on Earth “for a picnic.” Others thought that these Zones were placed by the alien minds, like traps. But then for what purpose? One thing is clear: after their visits, there are a lot of mysteries and questions.

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The military quickly fenced the strange parts of the land. The zone is guarded every second and constantly studied by scientists. But some people who do not interfere with obstacles, quietly make their way to the territory of the Zone and find strange artifacts with unearthly properties. Realizing that that artifacts can be sold outside the anomalous area for fabulous money, the bravest stalkers begin to hunt for such items. And they are not stopped by the danger that haunts uninvited guests on their heels.

The protagonist of the series Red Shewhart, who lives in the town of Harmont, is one of those illegal stalkers who visited the Zone many times and found different objects in it. This, perhaps, is the only way to earn money for him. And no danger stops Red, even repeated hits behind bars for his actions. He justifies himself to take care of his wife and little daughter. Another reason that forces you to run again and again to the Zone is the fact that his daughter Marie is an unusual child. Like many other children born in this city, Marie is not an ordinary child, neither physically nor biologically, and her illness is not known to modern medicine. Scientists call these children – “the children of the Zone.” To solve the mystery of Marie’s disease, Red searches for an artifact that can cure her.

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2 season

In the second season, the Zone will gradually open its secrets to scientists, but still, answering certain questions, dozens of new ones arise. Attempts to understand and “tame” the Zone causes a huge stir among the stalkers, who want to get at least a little of its super-possibilities. But, mastering new artifacts, some want to conquer the world, and others wish this world peace. The eternal struggle between good and evil continues.

Main characters

Red Shuhart / Red (actor Matthew Goode) – illegal stalker, father of the family.

Guta Shewhart (Felish Terrell) is the wife of Red.

Marie / Monkey (Chloe Coleman) is the daughter of Red and Guta, a schoolgirl.

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Interesting Facts

Based on the story of the Strugatsky brothers’ “Roadside Picnic”, the first movie was filmed in 1979 by Andrei Tarkovsky. Movie named “Stalker”. It was after the release of this film that the word “stalker” became “accustomed” to everyday speech. Currently, stalkers are people who are constantly engaged in the search and exploration of new places.
Filming of the movie was postponed over and over again for several years. The film was to be screened by the famous American film company Columbia Pictures back in 2000, but this did not happen for unknown reasons. The film was to be called “After a visit.”
The book “Roadside Picnic” for a long time was the absolute leader in translations from russian into other languages.
In 1978, for his “outstanding contribution to the science fiction genre,” the Strugatsky brothers and their story “Roadside Picnic” became honorary members of the “Mark Twain Society.”
And in 1979 the book was awarded the Jules Verne Prize as “the best book of the year”.

Roadside Picnic: The best sci-fi show never made?

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