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Saiki Kusuo is an ordinary schoolboy. His life is full of bright adventures, since the young man has supernatural abilities and often applies them in everyday life. This state of affairs is not entirely satisfactory and he is happy to be plunged into a series of carefree days without any admixture of magic. But the world is constantly preparing a new test for the guy, where he is forced to use his abilities.

When will the anime “The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. Season 3” come out?

Continuation of the picture “The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.” has already been announced and will be released on December 30, 2019. The first 2 seasons were warmly received by the public, which served as an impetus to the continuation of the anime.


The abilities of Saika are very diverse, but for him it does not matter. Being a child, he could read other people’s thoughts and move things. Since then, his talents have only strengthened his action. The guy does not boast of the acquired opportunities.

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On the contrary, he carefully tries to hide his countless talents. He goes to a regular school with simple children and does not brag about being unique. He worries that he can not experience real human joys – love, happiness or friendship for him are empty concepts.

He does not set himself the goal of appearing as a superhero or saving innocent lives. Parents are very mixed about the son’s ability. The mother instills Saiki only the best qualities and tries to persuade the boy to use the abilities for good. And the father is looking for any opportunity to use his son for mercenary purposes.

Two seasons Sayki hid his essence, only the antennas on his head could testify about the strange guy. In fact, they help manage superpowers. In the third season he will have to be more careful to hide his secret, because there are many people ready to use the young man for their interests.

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Frame from anime

The actors of scoring

  • Saiki Kusuo is the main character, a 16-year-old student with unlimited abilities, wears glasses because he is able to turn a person into a stone statue, the antennas on his head help him to cope with irrepressible energy – the male version of Kusuo is voiced by Shintaro Asanuma, and the female one by Haruka Tomatsu .
  • Kuniharu – Kusuo’s father, works as a manga editor in the publishing house, inclines his son to use his own forces for mercenary purposes – Mitsuo Iwata.
  • Kurumi is Saika’s mother, she is allergic to the fur of cats, teaches her son to do good deeds, unlike his father – Rikako Aikawa.

Interesting Facts

  1. Since May 2012 in the Japanese magazine “Weekly Shonen Jump” began to emerge the same manga. Four years later the first season of anime was released. In 2018, the manga was officially finished on 25 volumes. The plot for adaptation is enough for a few more seasons. For all time 2 ranches were released.
  2.  2016 was marked not only with the release of anime, but also with the video game “Saiki Kusuo no Ψ-nan: Shijo Psi Dai no Psi Nan !?”, created based on the manga.
  3. Thanks to an uncomplicated story, the anime received high marks from critics, leaving far behind its rivals. Spectators are waiting for the next season, so between 2 and 3 seasons such an insignificant for the anime gap. Leaders in the enhanced mode are working on the picture, so that the interest of the audience does not have time to go out.
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The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. Season 3: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
3x01Series 1Dec 30, 2019
3x02Series 2Jan 6, 2020
3x03Series 3Jan 13, 2020
3x04Series 4Jan 20, 2020
3x05Series 5Jan 27, 2020
3x06Series 6Feb 3, 2020
3x07Series 7Feb 10, 2020
3x08Series 8Feb 17, 2020
3x09Series 9Feb 24, 2020
3x10Series 10March 2, 2020

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