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Relationships between people sometimes cause a lot of inconvenience. What can we say about relatives? The twins Hel and Siri, brought up in different countries far away from each other, are joined together in the Sanctuary. But good motives – only one of them. What is waiting for another girl? Which cunning network sister was able to drag her sister? And how now to get out of this ill-fated Sanctuary?

When will the series “Sanctuary Season 2” be released?

The intricacies that the second sister fell into seem to never end. After all, surprises literally await her at every turn. Will the final episode, when Siri is on the way to the Sanctuary, the beginning of a new story?..

There is currently no official information on the continuation of the crime serial movie “Sanctuary”. Despite good reviews and fairly high ratings, the director did not rush to take on the creation of a new season. Most likely, the whole point is in the material – whether it will be the novel by Marie Hermanson again or another scenario, is still unknown.


During the years of her life, Hel had survived a lot of tragedies, but the most terrible of them was the loss of her lover. George was for her the whole world. But for a long time this happiness did not last, because Hel received the news of his death. So, not having got tired of the loss, the girl lives a secluded life: she goes to work in a simple bus, not wanting to repair the car, periodically rude to her boss, who makes her work overtime…

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But one day after the shift she comes home and turns on the answering machine. Her sister Siri left a message asking to visit her at the Sanctuary. This is a place where wealthy people are treated for their own addictions. To get there is very difficult, and you can get out only in one way – on a lift that passes through the rocky mountains.

The Sanctuary is very beautiful, patients live each in a separate house and from time to time numerous guards look after them. Arriving on a visit to his sister, Hel learns that Siri needs help. Her beloved is in great danger, and Siri has no opportunity to get out of the Sanctuary. Siri asks Hel for one day to stay at the Sanctuary so she can visit her girlfriend. Hel disagrees…

Shot from the series

Then Siri deceives Hel to stay by slipping a sedative into her tea. Having pretended to be her sister, Siri disappears, and Hel cannot prove to the staff that she is now in the Sanctuary, and not her twin sister. By evening, Hel’s patience ends, and her sister still does not answer calls. Once again turning to the staff, Hel makes big troubles for himself.

As a result, there is no news from my sister. And Hel herself cannot prove her identity. It is not known what happened to her sister and when she will return, but in the Sanctuary, Hel understands that Siri led a difficult lifestyle. Soon it turns out that not everyone loved Siri, and many frankly conceived something against her. Hel will not be easy, because my sister for a long time does not deign her with her attention…

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Actors and their roles

  • Siri – Hel’s twin sister, was raised far from her; the girl does not understand life without risk, she constantly breaks off with friends, burning life and her own health; in an attempt to recover from drug addiction, Siri flew to the Sanctuary, but after the news of the beating of her girlfriend, she framed her sister and left the island calling her name – Josefin Asplund.
  • Helena/Hel – Siri’s twin sister, has an ordinary appearance; the girl lost her lover, which greatly knocked her out of the rut; she tries to live by the rules, unlike her sister; Hel flew to the Sanctuary to her, but was deceived; as a result, Hel had to spend more than one day in the hospital and learn many secrets about his sister – Josefin Asplund.
  • Dr. Martin Fisher – Chief Doctor of the Sanctuary – Matthew Modine.

Interesting Facts

  1. The series is a production of Sweden. Spectators are fascinated by gorgeous views, breathtaking landscapes, which are shown in the series from a bird’s-eye view. The big problem for the creators of the project was the choice of the place where the shooting will take place, because the plot of the Sanctuary is an entire island. As a result, one of the Swedish open hotels came to the rescue.
  2. Enrico Maria Artale and Oskar Thor Axelsson became project directors. The first one is known in Sweden, and the second is not very popular so far, since the “Sanctuary” is his debut work. Given the feedback from the audience, the very first work of Enrico will be for him a pass to the big cinema. Ratings “Sanctuary” is much higher than expected, and the audience is more than 6 million viewers from each series.
  3. Josefin Asplund has been known to viewers since 2011, when she became one of the actresses of the film “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”. And later she was lucky to take part in another lucrative project – the series “Vikings” finally secured her fame as a successful actress. There was not long before the main role, and yes even double!
  4. Directors often noticed on the set some oddities that no one was able to figure out. Flickering light, the lack of a clear image on the camera at a time when everything is set up just perfect… There were several places where it was impossible to shoot – this is the southern part of the forest, where because of the trees could not put the light and the house in which she lived Neighbor Siri from England.
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Sanctuary Season 2 / Himmelsdalen 2: Release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
2x01Series 1not announced
2x02Series 2not announced
2x03Series 3not announced
2x04Series 4not announced
2x05Series 5not announced
2x06Series 6not announced
2x07Series 7not announced
2x08Series 8not announced

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