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Cunning and strong-willed beauty, able to turn a head even to the president of the country – this is how you can describe the main character of the series “Scandal”. Olivia Pope is a successful young lady who was lucky enough to find work in a white house. Its main task is to communicate with the public.

The release date for the season 7th of the series “Scandal” is already known, the new series will be shown on
October 5, 2017. The last series will be released on April 19, 2018.

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Success in her work the girl received, thanks to the natural gift of persuasion and extraordinary beauty. Skillfully solving issues of government scale, the girl is moving along the career ladder with leaps and bounds. Soon the work in the white house seems hopeless and Olivia establishes her own agency whose main goal is to solve the scandalous problems of the powerful.

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The series was released in 2012, and for the sixth season tells the audience the history of Olivia. The main interest lies in scandals, intrigues and those things that public figures, like politicians and stars, try to hide carefully from the press. We will be presented with dirty laundry, as well as ways to hide it or resolve the conflict in another way. Of course, the main character will be engaged in all this. Sometimes it is quite successful, sometimes with a loud scandal, inevitably one thing – Olivia Pope does not give up and goes to the end.
But happiness can not last forever and in the sixth season the constant jumps of successes and defeats give way to successive defeats. The loudest scandal will be caused by the recognition of Olivia that she is the president’s mistress. The news literally flew around the world in a matter of minutes, provoking serious public outcry. Most of all in this situation went to the president’s wife, who suffers from press attacks and from her husband’s betrayal. She decides to take revenge on the offender.

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Scandal season 7 main actors
Scandal season 7 main actors

In all this turmoil, it’s hard not to break, but Olivia continues to work fruitfully, unraveling the story of the murder. The actions of the protagonist led to the loss of the presidency to her lover and in recent days he decides to take desperate measures to the new law to stop the activities of the company of Olivia. But he does not know that the girl has a couple of aces in her sleeve.
Scandal – this is a typical example of how the series can adapt to the audience. The sixth season though approached on idea to the first, but is still slightly removed from the main theme. Olivia can no longer solve the situation in a moment, simply telling the offender a couple of “necessary” phrases. Now her life is a chain of events and each has its own consequence. This is not bad and not excellent, just the story becomes more capacious, but also more protracted. Just in order to spend a couple of days without getting up from the sofa, but does not suit fans of a rapidly developing plot.
If you want to start watching the series, of course do it from the first season. There, events develop rapidly, there are a couple of strange moments. For example, Olivia’s communication with the Russian military. To the screenwriters it seemed that the increased tone of a fragile girl could force a stern peasant to agree to her terms. The rest of the series is very good, and when you get to the last seasons, the story will become more meaningful and it will be impossible to tear yourself away.

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Scandal season 7 release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
7x01Series 1October 5, 2017
7x02Series 2October 12, 2017
7x03Series 3October 19, 2017
7x04Series 4October 26, 2017
7x05Series 5November 2, 2018
7x06Series 6November 9, 2018
7x07Series 7November 16, 2018
7x08Series 8November 23, 2018
7x09Series 9November 30, 2018
7x10Series 10December 7, 2018


Scandal season 7 main actor
Scandal season 7 main actor
Scandal season 7
Scandal season 7

Scandal season 7 official trailer

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