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Intrigues, gossip and conspiracies that are woven in the White House, no one surprises. Nevertheless, there remains a good half of the population, whose opinion of the president, senators and other famous personalities, is composed precisely of rumors that they heard or read in the newspaper. To dispel myths, the anti-crisis manager Olivia Pope was hired.

When will the series “Scandal season 8” be released?

The political drama “Scandal” completed its production and the season 7 was final. This was announced on May 10, 2017 in an interview with the producer of the film.

It is known that Shonda Rhimes, whose name can be seen in the list of writers of the series, was able to write a great story. But apparently not for this picture.

It should be noted that the series “Grey’s Anatomy“, which has been successfully broadcast for several years, is also her work.


Every politician wants the reputation to be unblemished, but what if there is a negative article in the newspaper or does somebody incite people to revolt? To help come Pope, whose vocation – eradicate any details that can smear the customer.

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Previously, the girl worked as a press secretary for the president of the White House, but soon she had to leave her post. Then she had the idea of ​​creating an agency with anti-crisis managers.

Creating an ideal biography for each of the influential clients, the agency employees considered themselves better than lawyers, as the task of managers is to eliminate any evidence that the case did not reach the court and was not covered in the press.

For 7 seasons, Olivia is trying to figure out her relationship with a married man, part-time president of the United States. The woman who came to the agency to Pope and said that she was expecting a child from him, even more knocked out the main character from the rut.

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Characters from the series “Scandal”

It does not seem that in the eighth season, the creators will decide to close the picture, because the disclosure of all the secrets is just beginning and they need airtime. Therefore, we should already hope for the release of the series “Scandal season 9”.

Actors and their roles

  • Olivia Pope – Kerry Washington. Political activist on stage and in life. Took part in the election campaign of Barack Obama. She also performs chic roles in films. On her account the following film masterpieces: “The Last King of Scotland”, “Django the Liberated”, “Fantastic Four”. For each of these films, Kerry was awarded various acting prizes.
  • Abby Whelan, friend of Pope – Darby Stanchfield. The first regular role was in this series. She made her debut in one of the series “Diagnosis: Murder” and since then has only participated in episodic roles. She can be seen in the series “Bones”, “Detective Rush”, “Castle”
  • Quinn Perkins, an employee of Olivia – Katie Lawes. Actress. producer and director. She starred in the films “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen”, “Circle of Eights”, “Bear”, “Side Effect”.

Interesting Facts

  1. The plot was constructed from the stories of the former secretary of the White House, Judy Smith. She, just like the character of Olivia, worked for the president, but, tired of working for Bush, she opened her own company and for a long time is engaged in management in the field of biography.
  2. The first season was released in 2012. Two years earlier it was decided to shoot the series. A year after the official announcement, the management began to conduct castings and preparations for the filming of the first season.
  3. After the first season, the management planned to close the project, but decided to take a chance. The first 2 seasons practically did not earn anything, and in the third season there was a sharp leap, which holded up to the last episod.

Scandal season 8 release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
8x01Series 1not announced
8x02Series 2not announced
8x03Series 3not announced
8x04Series 4not announced
8x05Series 5not announced
8x06Series 6not announced
8x07Series 7not announced
8x08Series 8not announced
8x09Series 9not announced
8x10Series 10not announced

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