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Jason Hayes gave the best years of his life to serving in the army, and all he can do is lead a special squad in the most difficult military operations. Thinking, predicting the opponent’s moves and preserving the world at the cost of his own efforts – this is about him. But one day a person appears on the team whom he least of all would like to see next to him. From that time on, the biggest problems in the life of a military man begin…

“Seal Team ss 6”: release date, announcement

After the season 4, the ratings of the series dropped so much that CBS ceded its right to broadcast the project to the Paramount+. The new TV channel, in turn, is in no hurry to make a decision on the further fate of the film. But it is not logical to close the project after its acquisition. Shouldn’t its creators be given a chance?

It is officially known that the season 6 of “Seal Team” will be released on September 18, 2022!


Jason Hayes has no personal life as such. He is constantly on the road, because of the work demands. He likes this style, but the situation is darkened only by the recent death of a comrade, which the higher management decided not to forget. Jason was referred to a psychotherapist who must decide whether he can continue to participate in the operations or not. To Hayes’ surprise, the doctor allowed him to continue working, but insisted on seeing him again. At this point, he did not yet know how strongly the death of a colleague had penetrated into his mental state.

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At this time, together with the team for the next assignment, recruit Clay Spenser is being prepared. The guy is smart and ready for crazy deeds. As annoying as it was for Hayes, Clay looked too much like his deceased partner. One day, a serious operation ended with the murder of a terrorist. Initially, he had to be left alive in order to extract the most important information, but Clay appeared at the wrong time and shot the man. Having lost his composure, Jason started a quarrel with him in front of his comrades.

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The terrorist’s information could help them uncover very important secrets. In the eyes of those who did not know the purpose of the operation, Clay was a hero. The rest, and most of all Hayes, understood that such work would not lead to good, because Clay disobeyed his direct order. Ray, Jason’s best friend, suggested that this act should not be given that much attention. How to solve the problem?..

For several seasons, viewers watched this struggle, but gradually the relationship between men ceased to be an important component of the plot. Hayes was already worried about other problems and the work with Spenser was not at the head. Every day they have to stand up to defend America and who knows which of these days will be the last one?

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Actors and their roles

  • Jason Hayes — grieving the death of his comrade, communicating with his relatives; involuntarily compares Clay with the deceased and sees a colossal similarity; takes a responsible approach to work; suffering from neurosis, but at the beginning of the series does not want to admit it — David Boreanaz.
  • Ray — Jason’s best friend and partner; a wonderful family man, at the beginning of the series, Ray is a dad waiting to be replenished in the family; devoted not so much to the cause as to the people with whom he works; calm, balanced, knows how to direct to the true path; one of the few who reacted positively to Clay’s stay in the group — Neil Brown Jr.
  • Clay — new recruit in the Squad of Hayes; his father wrote a book about the United States Navy SEALs long before he became one of them; due to this fact, many disliked Clay and considered him similar to his father; on the first operation, he disobeyed the order and killed the terrorist, which was the first conflict situation between him and Jason — Max Thieriot.

Interesting Facts

  1. Over the years of the existence of the series, 24 directors have changed. The most popular of them are: Christopher Chulack (“Shameless“, “ER”), Larry Teng (“Criminal Minds”, “The Walking Dead“), Gonzalo Amat (“Fargo“, “Happy”), Allison Liddi-Brown (” New Amsterdam “,” Gossip Girl “) and the leading actor himself David Boreanaz.
  2. Neil Brown Jr., while working in parallel on the TV series “SEAL Team”, also starred in the post-apocalyptic multi-part film “The Walking Dead”. There he played the role of the leader of “Vatos” Guillermo, which is considered the most recognizable and striking in the entire career of an actor.
  3. Together with David Boreanaz, his friend Tyler Gray, with whom they have been friends for many years, became the executive producer of the project. From 2005 to 2017, David starred in the TV series “Bones”, where he played the main role. After the premiere of this picture, he became very popular. Earlier, in 1999, David Boreanaz was recognized as one of the 50 most beautiful people by People magazine.
  4. Among the writers noted: Julian Silver (“Unforgettable”, “The Resurrection of Malchus”), Teresa Huang (“ER”, “Lost”), Tom Mularz (“CSI: Crime Scene Investigation”, “Notorious”), Dana Greenblatt ( “Tru Calling”, “Zone Blanche”), Holly Harold (“Smallville”, “Arrow”) and other writers with experience in different genres.
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Seal Team Season 6: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
6x01Series 1September 18, 2022
6x02Series 2September 25, 2022
6x03Series 3October 2, 2022
6x04Series 4October 9, 2022
6x05Series 5October 16, 2022
6x06Series 6October 23, 2022
6x07Series 7October 30, 2022
6x08Series 8November 6, 2022
6x09Series 9November 13, 2022
6x10Series 10November 20, 2022

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