Sense8 Season 4


The story tells about eight people living in different countries, but who can communicate with each other telepathically and feel someone else’s mood. Such an ability brings benefits and harm equally.

When will the series “Sense8 Season 4” be released?

In 2017, the creators reported that the series was closed after the second season. But the fans did not accept this fact and filled the Netflix video hosting guide with angry letters, in which viewers demanded continuation. So was filmed 3 season, consisting of a two-hour series. It should contain the logical ending of the adventures of the main characters. After watching the fans came to the consensus that this is a commercial move by management. Now Netflix receives a new portion of letters, with a request to extend the series for season 4, because the answers to all questions from viewers have not been received. In case of a successful outcome of the case, the next season will not be released until early 2019.

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In one of the usual days a group of people finds the ability to mentally communicate with each other. Initially, this state of affairs is quite satisfactory. They live a quiet, inconspicuous life and try not to disturb others.

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But there are ill-wishers who see in them a threat to the outside world. Now the telepaths have problems that can end badly. In their attempts to escape from bandits, they constantly use their abilities.

Fate brings them together, but this does not guarantee that they will remain alive. In the third season, the fight was heated up to the outrageous heights, but the main characters were able to resist the enemies, sending their talent against them. What will happen in season 4 is still a mystery. It also remains unknown whether the next season will come out.

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Shot from the series

Actors and their roles

  • Riley Blue – Tuppence Middleton
  • Will Gorski – Brian J. Smith
  • Nami Marx – Jamie Clayton
  • Kafius Onyago – Aml Amin
  • Kala Kandekar – Tina Desai
  • Wolfgang Bogdanov – Max Rimelt
  • Seon Back – Pae Du-Na
  • Leto Rodriguez – Miguel Angel Silvestre

Interesting Facts

  1. The plot was written in advance for 5 years in advance, the contract with each actor was signed for the same time. This is another of the facts that can contribute to the continuation of the series.
  2. In order to get to know more closely the customs of different countries, 8 different countries and 8 heroes of different nationalities were used for filming. Critics in one voice appreciated this idea.
  3. The creators of the series were the sisters Wachowski, previously known as the brothers Wachowski. Sisters are open transgender women. Despite their scandalous reputation, in the world of show business they are good writers, producers and filmmakers. The most popular films for them were “Coherence” and “The Matrix”.
  4. Since May 12, 2015, the television series delighted fans with new series. The filming process took place in Kenya, Mexico, USA, Germany, India, South Korea, Great Britain, Iceland.
  5. The main focus of the writers on different religions, views on life, identity, political views. In their opinion, these topics are rarely covered in the press, which gives ordinary people a little idea of ​​life in another country. The plot is truly unique and in the case of the closing of the series, fans will demand a similar picture.
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Sense8 Season 4 release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
4x01Series 1closed
4x02Series 2closed
4x03Series 3closed
4x04Series 4closed
4x05Series 5closed
4x06Series 6closed
4x07Series 7closed
4x08Series 8closed
4x09Series 9closed
4x10Series 10closed

Sense8 – Final Season

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