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Billie and Cooper are an exemplary married couple. He builds a career in a prestigious company, provides for a family that lives in a country house, and does everything to make his wife feel great. But Billie, exhausted by chores and two children, constantly brings her thoughts back to the past, where it was good, bright and carefree with a man named Brad…

“Sex/Life ss 2”: release date, announcement

The sequel to the drama TV show “Sex/Life” has been officially announced, but the exact date of the premiere is still unknown. It is only known that the filming of the season 2 started in February and ended in May 2022. And this means that before October 2022, the premiere of new episodes is unlikely to take place.


In her youth, Billie loved passion and was willing to do anything to get it. Many sexual partners, the study of the Kamasutra and other methods of satisfaction made her an experienced priestess of love, which will easily give odds to night girls. The only man she singled out was Brad – a rich, interesting guy whose heart was closed to everyone.

Day after day, they opened up to each other more and more, spent time in bars, loved each other, but an accidental breakup broke the heart of the unfortunate girl. Billie soon met Cooper, who became the perfect man for her. He is rich, caring, has no bad habits, dreamed of a family, immediately inflamed with feelings and soon offered to marry. Consent was immediate.

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A few years later, the family was already settling in a mansion outside the city, in which Billie looked after her children. Constant lack of sleep, caring for neighbors, desire to please her husband, even when breastfeeding and wandering around the house in a nightgown in broad daylight, made the woman an unsatisfied life. Every day the depression rolled over her more and more.

Frame from the TV show

The boiling point was her husband’s unwillingness to have physical intimacy with her. Fascinated by football, Cooper could not give his wife the attention she deserved and, trying to satisfy herself on her own, Billie realizes that something needs to be changed. She calls her beloved friend Sasha and casually mentions Brad, a relationship with whom increasingly populated her mind.

Sasha reproaches Billie for not appreciating a wonderful marriage. Then Billie types about her memories on a laptop, and the next day, Cooper finds these notes. Furious, he possesses his wife on the kitchen table, while Billie is accidentally injured. The rude attitude of her husband does not satisfy her either, and she goes to Sasha, leaving the children with a nanny.

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Deciding to enlist support, she comes to her friend without warning and finds her with Brad. Shocked, Billie heads back home and realizes that there are no more supporters. She will have to deal with her depression on her own. But how to do this if thoughts are not spinning where you are?

Actors and their roles

  • Billie – a young woman; Cooper’s wife; brings up two children and cannot get back to normal; has difficulties in marriage, as the husband no longer looks at her as an attractive woman, regarding her as a mother and friend; Billie wants passion, which leads her to her ex-boyfriend; became a victim of betrayal, which drove her even more into depression – Sarah Shahi.
  • Cooper – a handsome middle-aged man; married; works in a prestigious company and goes for a promotion; considers it a direct duty to help around the house and spend all his free time only with his family; has difficulty in love with his wife; loses control of himself after he finds her laptop with thoughts of having sex with another man – Mike Vogel.
  • Brad – Billie’s ex-boyfriend; a mysterious man, could carry away with his conversations and even silence; their next meeting after breaking up took place in the apartment of the best friend of Billie – Adam Demos.
  • Sasha – Billie’s black friend, with whom they went through a lot together, but in the end, the connection between Sasha and Brad got in the way of their friendship; Sasha easily finds new lovers without sticking to constancy in relationships – Margaret Odette.
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Interesting facts

  1. Within 2 months, the creators of the TV project were looking for an actress for the main role. As a result, Sarah Shahi was invited, who looked great in the frame and unconditionally fulfilled the director’s requirements. Throughout her career, Shahi has not hesitated to show her beautiful body and has appeared in more than ten films where she had to be naked. However, the actress refuses roles in pornographic tapes, which cannot be said about magazines.
  2. They say that director Jessika Borsiczky had a hard time finding a common language with Adam Demos. The actor had a habit of disagreeing with the director’s opinion and reluctantly replayed the filmed scenes. Thus, the participation of Demos in the season 2, if it is created, is in question.
  3. The TV show was filmed in Mississauga, Canada. The production process started at the end of August 2020 and lasted 3 months. Almost everything went according to plan, except that filming was supposed to start much earlier – in the spring of 2020. The coronavirus pandemic is to blame. Hence the postponement of the premiere of the picture for almost six months.

Sex/Life Season 2: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
2x01Series 12022
2x02Series 22022
2x03Series 32022
2x04Series 42022
2x05Series 52022
2x06Series 62022
2x07Series 72022
2x08Series 82022

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