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In 2001, fans of Yoh Asakura, who enthusiastically read one chapter of the manga after another, were able to see their favorite characters with their own eyes. Episode 1 of the anime adaptation aired in July of that year. The anime’s success has been incredible. Although the adaptation was based on the manga, the final episode of the series aired before the print story ended. Unbelievable, but it is a fact. The creators of the anime came up with their own ending, but in the manga, Yoh’s adventure ended differently…

Genre — fantasy, adventure.
The premiere of the updated season 1 of the anime took place on April 1, 2021 (52 episodes).

“Shaman King ss 2”: release date, announcement

No one expected that such popular manga and anime would remind of themselves again, but already in 2021. In June 2020, a reboot of the adventures of Yoh and his friends was announced. Also, the creators of the remake immediately indicated: the whole story is being prepared for showing from beginning to end, that is, all 35 volumes of the manga will be covered. Is this not a hint that there won’t be season 2? No one is openly talking about this, but in the world of anime everything can be. After all, there are still side stories that can be adapted. The question is: will the directors take on the job?
However, the answer to the question about the continuation of the anime was the last episode of the season 1. Fans of the series rejoice, because they are waiting for the continuation! At the moment, the exact date of the premiere of the new season of “Shaman King” (the full title of the season 2 of the “Shaman King: Flowers”) is not known, but it is known that the release is scheduled for January 2024!


Acquaintance with the main characters began in 1985. Once a woman in labor was halfway to her double happiness. A woman must give birth to two children, and only the elderly are worried about something. The first boy turned out to be the reborn shaman Hao Asakura, who immediately disappeared along with the evil spirits. However, the second newborn baby became a delight for his parents. The boy grew up kind and sympathetic. His name was Yoh Asakura.

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Thirteen years have passed. Yoh becomes a new student at the school. However, the acquaintance with his future best friend Manta happened in a very strange way. One evening Manta wandered into the cemetery, where he met a lonely Yoh. The guy began to assure that there was a huge number of spirits around him, with whom he was never bored and lonely. Considering that Yoh is a shaman who can summon spirits and is accustomed to them, then Manta did not expect to see such a number of ghosts, in which he never believed.

Frame from the anime

So, gradually meeting new people, on the way Yoh will meet new friends, as well as enemies. After all, this is life, and we cannot hide from bad people. Preparing for the big event, the Shaman Tournament, Yoh will face off against the best of the best. After all, not only he wants to win and get the title of Shaman King. However, in addition to this goal, we must not forget that 13 years ago, together with Yoh, his twin brother Hao was born, in whose head an insidious plan is ripening…

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Main characters

  • Yoh Asakura — shaman; a guy who can see spirits; for the sake of friends is ready to sacrifice the most important thing; to achieve the set goal, he always trains to the last strength; has a developed intuition, which helps him in battles; owns a huge number of techniques, which he learned from his ancestors-spirits.
  • Anna Kyoyama — shaman; has the ability to summon spirits, even from the afterlife; was originally a friend of Yoh, then his fiancée, and then his wife; self-confident, bold and determined; has tremendous spiritual power.
  • Hao Asakura — Ancient Shaman died and was reborn twice; in the last (third) rebirth, he became the twin brother of Yoh; shows special cruelty to others, while he is always calm and with a smile on his face; owns an incredible number of shamanic techniques and spells; with the help of his brother, he is able to gain even greater strength.
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Interesting Facts

  1. The anime “Shaman King” is based on the manga of the same name. Its author and illustrator was Hiroyuki Takei, who became famous for this work. Takei is known to have turned down an offer to create a remake of the anime. The reason for the refusal was that the author of the King of Shamans wanted to hear the same voice acting and soundtrack in the new project as in the 1st adaptation. The fact is that Hiroyuki Takei was very friendly with the voice actors; he had a particularly warm relationship with Megumi Hayashibara, who voiced the main character Anna Kyoyama.
  2. After the incredible success and popularity of the manga, in 2001 the 1st adaptation was released in the form of an anime series. As a result, 64 episodes were shown to the viewer. The last episode was released in September 2002.
  3. The anime character Anna Kyoyama is the mascot of the police station in the Japanese city — Mutsu, located in Aomori Prefecture. And this is completely official.

Shaman King Season 2: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
2x01Series 1January 2024
2x02Series 2January 2024
2x03Series 3January 2024
2x04Series 4January 2024
2x05Series 5January 2024
2x06Series 6January 2024
2x07Series 7January 2024
2x08Series 8January 2024
2x09Series 9January 2024
2x10Series 10January 2024

Shaman King 2021 VS Shaman King 2001 Episode 1

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