Shameless season 9

This is a popular American project, the first season of which was released in 2011. He is a remake of the English TV series, which tells the story of a rather strange and unusual family with many children.

The release of the new series “Shameless season 9” is scheduled for September 9, 2018 (1st part) and January 20, 2019 (2nd part).

Creators and critics say that he surpassed all expectations and brought the ratings to a new, incredibly high level.

In addition, the series received a large number of awards. Of course, the series will continue, but at the moment there is no official information about the work on the script, nor about the date of filming or the date of release.

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What will be shown in the new series

The main characters constantly fall into various ridiculous situations and try to find an exit as quickly and easily as possible. Of course, this does not always work out. The series has a huge number of fans around the world.

What will be shown in the new series

Achieve this success was due to the excellent work of the writers. Each series is full of sparkling and joking, and all the characters are thought out to the smallest detail and presented to the viewer in all its glory.

Children deserve special attention in the project. Their presence is not just a background. They sometimes come to the fore, and sometimes it becomes an excellent addition to the current situation.

Critics say that this series has little to compare with. It is difficult to characterize it in one word or even one sentence.

In places it looks like an ordinary modern comedy, but suddenly in the same series a person can literally burst into tears to tears. Such scenic moves made it possible to win spectator love and high ratings of critics.

In places here there is an unhealthy cynicism, black humor and vulgar jokes. But all this is so organically inscribed in the general picture that it does not cause any bewilderment or rejection.

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The show fell in love with both young people and representatives of the older generation. Everyone can find a character for himself. Some of the main characters are rather difficult to relate to somehow unambiguously.

Shameless season 9 First episode

Sometimes heroes commit such stupid and irresponsible actions that the viewer can only be surprised and watching. Nevertheless, all this stupidity does not look banal or inappropriate. Everything that is happening seems quite alive and natural.

Separately, it should be noted acting. All the characters are beautifully opened, and their emotions look real, not allowing the viewer to doubt the reality of the stories for a second. Director’s camera work does not cause any complaints, and the soundtracks are picked up incredibly accurately.

Shameless season 9 release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
9x01Series 1September 9, 2018
9x02Series 2September 16, 2018
9x03Series 3September 23, 2018
9x04Series 4September 30, 2018
9x05Series 5October 7, 2018
9x06Series 6October 14, 2018
9x07Series 7October 21, 2018
9x08Series 8January 20, 2019
9x09Series 9January 27, 2019
9x10Series 10February 3, 2019
9x11Series 11February 10, 2019
9x12Series 12February 17, 2019

TOP 10 Moments From Shameless

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