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The fascinating story of adventurer Dale Conti will introduce viewers to Bombay in the 1980s. After escaping from an Australian prison, he leaves the country in search of a quiet life. Fate brings him to India, where the most difficult and most beautiful stage in his life begins. And the season 1 told only a small part of his story…

“Shantaram ss 2”: release date, announcement

We should not wait for the continuation of the adventure thriller “Shantaram”. Immediately after the end of the show of the 1st season, the producers of the project announced its closure.

Recall that the basis for writing the script was the novel of the same name by the writer Gregory David Roberts, who told the story of his life through the book. The novel was fully adapted into a TV show, so there will most likely not be a season 2. We add that since June 2018, Apple Inc. was engaged in the production of the picture, which by that time had already repeatedly tried to film by other companies.


It was already unbearable to be in prison, because local prisoners threatened to arrange a real execution for Dale. Instead of reconciling with fate, the guy was able to get the necessary tool and escape from prison. But finding a person who could help him outside the prison walls was not so easy. Since the cops could have already visited his mother, he turns to the only person close to him.

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It turns out to be his teacher from the university. One day, he saw a talent in Dale that was eventually wasted. Despite the disagreements that arose, Dale received financial assistance from the teacher and went away from the Australian lawmen. With forged documents, he managed to make his way to Bombay, where he met Prabhu, a local guide.

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The guy prompted Dale to change his name, and from that moment he introduced himself only as Lin. He immediately had influential acquaintances, among whom was the Swiss Karla. Lin liked the girl, but she belonged to another man, so Lin did not accept attempts to seduce her. Once Karla herself came to him with a request.

Frame from the TV show

The girl asked for help to rescue her friend from the brothel owned by the authoritarian Madame Zhou. Not knowing the whole history and dark secrets of his new acquaintance, Lin decides to help, but soon gets into trouble. Day after day, he becomes more and more entangled in the web of lies cleverly arranged by Karla. She is just a storehouse of inexhaustible secrets.

Lin is beaten up. All his money and passport are taken away by the bandits, and the guy can only listen to the advice of his only Bombay friend. Prabhu helps him get to the village where his parents live. And there, from the mother of Prabhu, Lin gets the nickname “Shantaram”, which in the Indian Marathi language means “peaceful person”. But here he is waiting for the next obstacles, which, it seems, will never end…

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Actors and their roles

  • Dale Conti / Lin — an Australian who fled from his homeland; seeks refuge in Bombay; learns about a restaurant where illegal transactions take place and meets influential criminals there; together with Karla, he presses Madame Zhou to let go of one of the prostitutes, after which the man will face severe trials — Charlie Hunnam.
  • Karla — a frequent guest of a restaurant on the outskirts of Bombay; meets with its owner; has many dark secrets, which she soon entangles Lin with; the girl needs to redeem her friend from Madame Zhou, who owns the information Karla needs; there are moments in her past that she is ready to hide at any cost — Antonia Desplat.
  • Prabhu — Indian; guide assigned to Lin; initially helps him for money, shows him around the city, introduces him to the culture and immerses him in circles where he can earn money, later saves Lin from the inevitable meeting with the local police; introduces Lin to the family and makes friends with him — Shubham Saraf.
  • Lisa — a friend of Karla; owns a secret that she was ready to share only after Karla frees her from the oppression of Madame Zhou; has sympathy for Lin and does not hide it; unable to overcome her craving for drugs and constantly turns to Karla for a new dose — Elektra Kilbey.
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Interesting Facts

  1. The TV show was produced by 2 companies: Anonymous Content and Paramount Television, which signed a contract with Apple Inc.
  2. In October 2019, filming of the season 1 began, and the TV show itself was released only on October 14, 2022 and lasted until December 16. Most of the scenes were filmed in Australia, Victoria. The group then moved to India. Additional filming took place in Thailand.
  3. Since 2016, Charlie Hunnam has been practicing jiu jitsu. In 2018, he was already able to win a blue belt, and nothing is known about the further success of the actor.
  4. In 2023, the film “Rebel Moon” will be released, where Charlie Hunnam will play the main role.
  5. The novel “Shantaram” by Australian writer Gregory David Roberts, which became the basis for the TV series of the same name, was published in 2003. The very next year, Warner Bros. acquired the film rights to the novel for $2 million. The company planned to make a film, with Johnny Depp being cast in the lead role, who immediately accepted the offer due to his love of the book. But things turned out differently.

Shantaram Season 2: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
2x01Series 1project closed
2x02Series 2project closed
2x03Series 3project closed
2x04Series 4project closed
2x05Series 5project closed
2x06Series 6project closed
2x07Series 7project closed
2x08Series 8project closed
2x09Series 9project closed
2x10Series 10project closed

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