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Camilla Pricker all her life dreamed of becoming an influential and famous reporter, whose interviews will be broadcast on America’s best channels. Now she has just started to develop in this direction, having received the post of journalist in a rundown edition. To achieve the goal, Pikker takes in the work report on the serial killer, whose victims were several young girls.

When the series “Sharp Objects season 2” will be released?

The release of the new season of the series “Sharp Objects season 2” is not planned. The director originally prepared a one-season project.


Camilla’s life never shone bright colors, which was the reason to try myself in the field of journalism. Mother never loved her, and then she quit. Even worse, Priker suffered the news of the death of one of her sisters.

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For some time, she tried to seriously injure herself to drown out the emotional pain of the physical. This broke the girl, forcing to undergo treatment in a psychiatric clinic. In an attempt to escape from the emotional burden, she travels to Chicago, where she begins reporter activities as a journalist.

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Camilla in trouble

She is compelled to take the case of the murderer of little girls, to show others what she is capable of. Ironically, the criminal operates in her hometown. Camilla will again have to face the negligent mother Adora, 13-year-old sister Emma and stepfather Alan, meeting with whom causes a little pleasant feelings. The local sheriff is helping her to investigate, which, just as she is interested in capturing the villain.

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Will Camille survive childish grievances or family difficulties become a heavy burden on her shoulders? How soon will the killer be caught? And how to recover from the old memories associated with the deceased sister?

Actors and their roles

  • Camilla Pricker – Amy Adams. Earlier, a journalist and Superman’s friend played in the films “Man of Steel”, “Justice League”, “Batman vs. Superman”. Since 1999, participates in the production of serials, films, voices animated series for children.
  • Adora Krellin, Camille’s mother – Patricia Clarkson. The latest work was the role of Ava Page in a series of sensational militants “Running in a maze.” She played with such famous actors as Kevin Costner, Sean Connery.
  • Richard Willis, detective – Chris Messina. Actor, screenwriter, director. After episodic roles in the series “Law and order”, was seen by the directors of the series “Fight” and invited to one of the main roles.
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Interesting Facts

  1. Each season consists of 8 episodes for 55-60 minutes. Screen time is enough to fully reveal the characters and prevent boredom from the viewer.
  2. Marty Noxon became the producer of the series. Her most famous works include the series “Mad Men”, where she held the position of screenwriter.
  3. The series is based on the same detective thriller written by Gillian Flynn. By the way, the writer personally took part in the screen version and production.
  4. At the moment, the creators decide which is better to remove after 2 seasons – the prequel or the sequel. Many viewers would like a detailed description of Camille’s past life.

Sharp objects season 2: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
2x01Series 1not planned
2x02Series 2not planned
2x03Series 3not planned
2x04Series 4not planned
2x05Series 5not planned
2x06Series 6not planned
2x07Series 7not planned
2x08Series 8not planned

Gillian Flynn talks about Sharp Objects

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