Sherlock Season 5


All beloved Mr. Holmes is back, and with him – unsurpassed Dr. Watson! Two experienced detectives will have to uncover such crimes, which most of the British police officers have not yet seen. And all thanks to the excellent deduction that accompanies Sherlock Holmes, both as a gift and as a punishment.

When will the series “Sherlock Season 5” be released?

The next season of the detective drama “Sherlock”, according to tradition, may become available for viewing on January 1. But what year will it be – 2021, 2022 or another? Fans no longer hoped that the new season of “Sherlock” will appear on television. But the BBC, commissioned by the TV show, hinted that filming could begin at the end of 2020. Will the project management change plans?

It’s not about low season 4 ratings and the decreasing popularity of the series – it’s just that Benedict Cumberbatch was busy filming “Avengers: Infinity War 2”, where he plays a main role.


Sherlock grew up in an ordinary family, but the deductive method of thinking always accompanied him in difficult situations. The eternal struggle of the intellect with the elder brother Mycroft ended with the losses of Sherlock. Over time, our hero grew up, gained the necessary knowledge, and now Mycroft had to move aside before the thinking of his younger brother.

Sherlock moved away from his parents, traveled the country, and then met his friend Dr. John Watson. By that time, relations with his brother and parents were already strained than in childhood, and Sherlock needed a roommate. The choice fell on John – a former military doctor, who was sent from the war on a small land.

The main characters of the series

Thus began the friendship between the two men and the general craving for investigation. Sherlock was always called to the police as an assistant consultant, and he brilliantly found evidence and facts that pointed to the killer. But soon the rumor went about the adventures of the great detective story and the enemies fell from everywhere…

The main was James Moriarty – a criminal genius who decided to have fun with Holmes by games. Sherlock did not appreciate such jokes, because innocent people died because of Moriarty. In a short time, Holmes eliminated the enemy, but the intrigue still remains – was James able to deceive the great Holmes and stay alive? Even Sherlock himself is in doubt about the veracity of the death of the main villain of our time. The offender himself shot himself in the head, but for unknown reasons his body was never found…

In season 5, the adventures of Holmes and Watson will continue, but their scale will be completely different. Irene Adler will be involved in the case – the only woman who could beat Sherlock Holmes, but could not break his spirit. Will Moriarty appear? This question will not be answered…

Actors and their roles

  • Sherlock Holmes – a great British detective who lives on Baker Street with Watson, is not attentive to people, but attentive to details, reveals murders without any problems, is ready to shoot a wall with a pistol when he gets bored – Benedict Cumberbatch.
  • John Watson – a former doctor, lost his wife last season, one brings up a daughter, often spends time with Sherlock, investigating – Martin Freeman.
  • James Moriarty – a criminal genius who can bring the whole world to his knees, loves to mock Sherlock – Andrew Scott.
  • Mycroft – Sherlock’s older brother, watching his younger brother’s sobriety – saves from drugs, has a similar mindset, cynical, arrogant, works for the British government – Mark Gatiss.
  • Mrs. Hudson – the landlady of the apartment in which Holmes lives, was married to a gangster, never in her life loved, always helps the children, but does not miss the occasion to grumble a little – Una Stubbs.
  • Greg Lestrade – a police officer who often turns to Sherlock for help, he is weak-willed, constantly on the prow, for several years forgiving Sherlock that he cannot remember his name – Rupert Graves.

Interesting Facts

  1. The series is one of the many screen versions of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle about the famous detective who lived in Baker Street, 221 B, along with his friend Dr. Watson.
  2. This series has the highest ratings of all the film versions that have existed throughout history. The only exception is season 4, which was launched online one day before its premiere on the BBC channel.
  3. Benedict Cumberbatch was spotted by the Marvel film studio and invited to play the role of a similar character. He took upon himself the hero who controls time – Dr. Strange (the film “Avengers. Finale”), who was previously the best surgeon, but then quit his job, because after the accident his hands began to shake.
  4. Matin Freeman is known to many viewers for the role of Bilbo in two parts of the movie “The Hobbit”. The actor’s small stature and his interesting walk made him a true benchmark for hobbit fashion. In addition, the recent film “Fargo” and “StartUp” also forced Freeman fans to draw attention to themselves – an interesting plot, a great play of actors – all this about these projects.

Sherlock Season 5: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
5x01Series 1January 1
5x02Series 2January 8
5x03Series 3January 15
5x04Series 4January 22

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