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Detective inspector Jimmy Perez was absent from the Shetland Islands for a long time and the reason for this was family life. After the death of his wife, he and his daughter Cassie returned to their homeland. Cold winds, constant boredom and lack of any prospects frighten young people, including his daughter. But Jimmy quickly finds something to do and proves to be a useful officer for the local police…

“Shetland ss 7”: release date, announcement

Fans of the TV series “Shetland” are following the news very closely, so they know that even before the release of Season 6, the filmmakers announced the production of two more seasons. It’s just too early to talk about the release date, because due to the coronavirus pandemic it is difficult to talk about the timing.

At the moment, it is known that season 7 of the detective drama “Shetland” is scheduled to launch on August 10, 2022.


How did it all start? Immediately after arriving, Jimmy learns of the death of an elderly woman, Mima, who has been living alone. Relatives often visited her, and excavations were carried out near the house, in which she herself took part. On the day before her death, the woman was looking at photographs of her deceased husband, but a knock on the door forced her to leave the house. Mima was shot when she was outside.

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The body was discovered by her grandson, who worked as a police officer. He came in the morning to visit her. The guy quickly phoned Perez and reported the incident. The officers who arrived at the scene did not receive any leads, and only the girls who carried out the excavations gave the detective several clues, from which he began to work out various versions.

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Sadly, Hattie James, a fossil explorer near Mima’s home, was found dead the next day. In her hand she was clutching an amulet, given to her the day before by the murdered old woman. Few people knew that Hattie had a lover who was involved in this dark story. Jimmy spent a lot of time in order to find him, and then figure out who the criminal is.

Season 1 filming begins

Each crime lasts several episodes, during which viewers have time to get used to the characters and even understand the motives of the criminals. Many facts from the life of Perez also become known to us. He sees that his daughter is not happy with the prospect of being on a god-forsaken island and realizes that the girl will soon leave her father’s house.

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For 6 seasons, Jimmy has repeatedly been in the balance of death, solved many murders, put dozens of criminals behind bars, and even managed to move briefly. But the homeland, as before, calls him back. Even Cassie, from a young schoolgirl, has long been transformed into a wonderful adult.

Mary, Perez’s mother, died not long ago. Cassie and Jimmy were forced to look after their grandfather, because he refused to eat and pretended not to accept the death of his wife. And recently, a local lawyer was shot on the doorstep of his own house, and now Perez must solve household problems and find the culprit. But what awaits him this time?

Actors and their roles

  • Jimmy Perez — local detective, investigates the most complicated cases; able to think logically and notice small details; after the death of his wife, he brings up his daughter alone; his mother died a few years later; considers himself able to help everyone except himself — Douglas Henshall.
  • Cassie — considers Jimmy to be her second father, because he raised her; finished school on the islands, where Perez brought her after the death of her mother, so that she was closer to him; loves both fathers, but does not like excessive custody of her — Erin Armstrong.
  • Sandy Wilson — constable, detective; first discovered Mima’s corpse; is a native of the islands, therefore, is often useful in investigations; his knowledge of local canons and the relationship between families living here for a long time helped to get the investigation off the ground — Steven Robertson.
  • Alison MacIntosh — a native of Edinburgh; came to Shetland to get married, put on braces for her beautiful appearance at the ceremony, but the groom changed his mind, and she had to stay on the islands; is Jimmy’s partner and confidant — Alison O’Donnell.
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Interesting Facts

  1. The plot is based on the novels of the author Ann Cleeves, which belong to the “Scottish Series”. Many facts have been changed. For example, Alison MacIntosh is not in the books – screenwriter Richard Davidson decided to create the character.
  2. In 2016, the series received several BAFTA Scotland nominations at once, in which it won 2 confident victories. These are “Best TV Drama” and “Best Actor”.
  3. Filming takes place at Barrhead, Ayr and Irvine. The house of Perez is located in the Scottish Archipelago, and according to the scenario – in Lerwick. The season 2 was filmed on Fair Isle, and for the season 4, the whole team had to travel to Norway.
  4. The series is very popular in the UK – each episode is watched by more than 6 million Britons.

Shetland Season 7: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
7x01Series 1August 10, 2022
7x02Series 2August 17, 2022
7x03Series 3August 24, 2022
7x04Series 4August 31, 2022
7x05Series 5September 7, 2022
7x06Series 6September 14, 2022

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