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Bachman, possessing a peculiar character, earned a decent amount on the Internet application “Aviato”, which was developed for the purchase and search of air tickets. On the money he has acquired, he creates a platform for start-ups and hires programmers. This is the initial stage in his successful career.

When will the series “Silicon Valley season 6” be released?

Continuation of the series “Silicon Valley” will be released no earlier than May 2020. In November 2018, it became known that work on the picture “Silicon Valley Season 6” was postponed until the summer of 2019. In this regard, the premiere and expect in 2019 is not worth it. Next season will contain 10 episodes, the timing of each of them will be 30 minutes.

Recall that the HBO channel has been broadcasting TV pictures since 2014.


Ehrlich Bachmann assembled a team of the best IT specialists right in his apartment. He was joined by Nelson “Big Head” Bigetti, Gillfoy, Dinesh and the scholar Richard Hendricks.

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In addition to working in IT – the corporation “Hooli”, Hendrix created an innovative product Pied Piper, able to find any violation related to copyright. Initially, no one was interested in the invention, but later it became known that when inventing a media player, the basis was an algorithm that can compress the transferred data, while leaving them in the same quality.

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After deciding to leave Hooli, Hendrix finds an ally in the person of Erlich. Men together with their colleagues create a start-up “Pied Piper”. First, investors bypass the idea of ​​the party, but after a while, the business starts to gain momentum, and the company Bahman is becoming more popular.

Colleagues undergo many difficulties, but in the end they keep afloat and even manage to make enemies in the face of the corporation “Hooli”. The sixth season will show how difficult it is to conduct business when ill-wishers try to put sticks in the wheels, and sometimes they try to crack the codes of the program.

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Actors and their roles

  • Richard Hendricks – Thomas Middleditch. Canadian, screenwriter, comedian, actor. In 2016, he was nominated for an Emmy Award for his role in this series. In 2019 on the wide screen will be released the film “Godzilla 2” with his participation.
  • Ehrlich Bachmann – T.J. Miller. Stendap-comedian, actor. His latest works were roles in the films “Transformers: the era of extermination”, “The first player to prepare”, “New Year’s corporate”, “Bouncer 2”. Also played in the movie “Deadpool” and has already been approved for participation in the second part.
  • Big Head – Josh Brener. He graduated from Harvard University with honors. He was filmed in the films “Experiment “Office “,”Descended from the chain”,” Max Steele”, “Where is the money”, “New old love”. ” Periodically removed in music videos.
  • Gillfoy – Martin Starr. Played Martin in the movie “A Little Bit Pregnant”, after which he began to appear more often on the screens. Later he starred in the films “Superpertsy”, “The Incredible Hulk” and “Spider-Man. Returning Home.”
  • Dinesh – Kumail Nanjiani. The winner of the “Oscar” for Best Screenplay for the 2018 film “Love is a Disease”. 2019 here will bring us 3 pictures with his participation: “Duck Butter”, “Real American” and “Doctor Dolittle’s Journey”.
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Interesting Facts

  1. The series contains one more name – in some sources it can be found under the name “Silicon Valley”.
  2. After participating in the first five series, Christopher Evan Welch, who played the multimillionaire of Mr. Gregory, died of cancer. It was necessary to rewrite the script in an emergency, and in the television series it was said that the character was tragically killed.
  3. The series is considered one of the most successful and lengthy paintings in its genre.

Silicon Valley season 6 release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
6x01Series 1May 2020
6x02Series 2May 2020
6x03Series 3May 2020
6x04Series 4May 2020
6x05Series 5May 2020
6x06Series 6May 2020
6x07Series 7May 2020
6x08Series 8May 2020
6x09Series 9May 2020
6x10Series 10May 2020

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