SIREN season 2


The American television channel Freeform, aimed at teenagers and young people under 34, offers a new series called “Siren”. Given that this channel belongs to the famous company The Walt Disney Company, the planned premiere is expected to be bright.

The premiere of the series is scheduled for March 29, 2018.

Genre is a fantasy, a drama.

Number of episodes – 10.

Timing of the series – 1 hour (the first episode is scheduled to be 2-hour).

Number of seasons – 2 or more.

The release date of the series “Sirena 2 season” has not yet been determined, and will depend on the ratings of the first season. We will report on the changes in our articles.

The plot of the series

1 season

Each city, small or large, has its own legends and secrets. And what if the legend will come to life right before the eyes of local residents?

Fishing Village Bristal Bay is going to celebrate the Day of the Mermaids. It is celebrated annually for many years, because every local resident knows that their city was once the home of these creatures. The sudden appearance of a strange stranger on the eve of the holiday causes a stir among the inhabitants and a series of strange events occurring in the following days and months. For what purpose the girl appeared in these places, why her skin is not like everyone else, what secret is kept – marine biologists Ben and Maddie will try to learn along with some not indifferent friends. But, the discovery that deep sea waters are also filled with ominous secrets and living creatures, covers biologists with fear and despair. Trying to help the poor girl and protect the population from harm, friends do not represent what they will have to face.

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2 season

The creators of the television series expect to create several more seasons, the number of which will depend on how well the audience will meet the premiere. In the following episodes, it is planned to uncover the more ancient secrets of a small town, and also learn more about the underwater world filled with sea creatures whose strength and abilities are described in many legends. Why the war between monsters and humans continues, and what purpose is pursued, the main characters are to be revealed.

Actors and their roles

  • Rin (actress Elaine Powell) is a stranger, a mermaid.
  • Ben (actor Alex Rowe) is a marine biologist.
  • Maddy (actress Fola Evans-Akingbola) is a marine biologist.
  • Xander (actor Ian Verdan) is a deep-sea fisherman.
  • Helen (actress Rina Owen) – a resident of the town, who knows many of his secrets.
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Interesting Facts

  1. The initial title of the pilot episode was “The deep”, but the management of the channel decided to replace this title with “Siren”.
  2. Spectators are already familiar with the actress Elaine Powell (the role of the mermaid), because she played Bianca in the famous series “The Game of Thrones” (Season 6), as well as in the film “The Sword of King Arthur.”
  3. Actress Rina Owen (Helen) starred in the American film “Star Wars” in the 2nd and 3rd episodes. In addition to acting, she is currently a producer and screenwriter. And at the end of the school, Rina Owen dreamed of becoming a doctor, for which she passed a 3.5-year training in the Oakland hospital and received a diploma.
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SIREN season 2 release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
2x01Series 1Unknown yet
2x02Series 2Unknown yet
2x03Series 3Unknown yet
2x04Series 4Unknown yet
2x05Series 5Unknown yet
2x06Series 6Unknown yet
2x07Series 7Unknown yet
2x08Series 8Unknown yet
2x09Series 9Unknown yet
2x10Series 10Unknown yet

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