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Once a gentleman from Bristol Cove fell in love with a mermaid. Relations did not work out between them, and the man killed all the sea maidens he could reach. From here came the legends about the origin of mermaids, which at present were considered only a myth. And only some residents know that mermaids exist to this day…

“Siren ss 4”: release date, announcement

There were no official statements about the continuation of the Siren TV show. But since the outbreak of coronavirus forced to revise plans for many projects, it is too early to talk about closing or extending the series. If the project is not closed, then there is the likelihood of a new season in 2021.

The fate of Ryn unfolded in an unexpected way for the audience. Now many fans of the series want to know how her future will turn out and whether she can protect her child.

p.s. Project “Siren” is officially closed after three seasons. Viewers shouldn’t expect new episodes.


Ben does not look like members of his family – he does not wear a mask of hypocrisy, does not participate in social life. But his family belongs to the founders of the city of Bristol Cove. A distant relative of Ben is the very man who killed the mermaids. But since the story is distorted over time, the locals remember him as a hero. Only a few know about the atrocities that he committed.

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Ben is one of those who does not know the real truth. He does not like the flamboyant charm of his own mother, the constant public speeches of his father, and Ben himself does not want to appear in public. Instead, he helps save marine animals by doing things with his girlfriend. Ben does not want to talk about her with his family, because they will quickly find a “worthy” replacement for his girlfriend.

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Ben’s friend, Xander, travels to the sea. And one fine day, along with his team, he catches an incomprehensible-looking creature. She moves with incredible speed, cuts through the stomach of one of Xander’s comrades. And when they try to call the rescuers, helicopters fly in, pick up the found cargo, a wounded man, and retire in an unknown direction without further ado.

Frame from the series

When the team sailed ashore, Xander decided to share with Ben his suspicions that it might be a mermaid. Ben ridiculed this idea, but soon fate gave him a chance to witness an incredible phenomenon. One day Ben finds a naked girl on the road, who is struggling with legs. He brings her to his home, gives her clothes and promises to help.

The girl does not say a word, but she begins to sing a song that sinks into Ben’s head. Without further ado, she leaves the house of the savior, but he cannot stop thinking about her and throws all his strength into her search. As a result, the girl herself comes to him and Ben understands that, like his distant relative, he met a mermaid. And, it seems, he fell in love…

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Actors and their roles

  • Ryn – a mermaid, capable of captivating any man with a song; staying on land, her tail turns into legs and her appearance changes, while Ryn is very thirsty; in water, she becomes a predator and can not restrain herself so as not to gnaw the throat of prey; meets Ben and immediately begins to sing him a song – Eline Powell.
  • Ben – a descendant of the founder of Bristol Cove, known for his love of the mermaid; without respect refers to the mother or father who impersonates themselves decent only in public; Ben meets with a work colleague, but after meeting with a mermaid, he has to reconsider his relationship and abandon them – Alex Roe.
  • Xander – Ben’s best friend who trusts him with all his secrets; talks about the incident on the ship, eventually stumbles upon a misunderstanding of Ben, which does not last so long; Xander is kind, does not have a great mind, but he has a kind heart – Ian Verdun.

Interesting Facts

  1. Although the TV show has good ratings, for three seasons it has not earned any awards and has never even been nominated for them. According to the comments of the creators of the project, it was clear that the series was made for the audience, and not for the recognition of critics. But the game of actors playing the main roles was appreciated by other specialists in the field of cinema.
  2. Eline Powell worked with a choreographer for six months, who helped her master the technique of movements shown in the series. The girl really looks fake, because she is a wonderful student. She performed all the scenes in the water on her own, even when she needed to go down to a great depth.
  3. The show premiered on March 28, 2018. Season 1 consisted of 10 episodes, as the creators were not sure of success. Each next season consists of 16 episodes lasting 45 minutes.
  4. The fee of actors increased before the release of season 3. At the time of filming, Alex Roe signed a contract for his participation in 16 series, he will earn $ 1 million.
  5. In real life, Ian Verdun and Alex Roe are good friends, while Verdun got into the series exclusively at the insistence of a friend. They have known each other for more than 7 years and the guys are not the first time to meet on the set.
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Siren Season 4: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
4x01Series 1closed
4x02Series 2closed
4x03Series 3closed
4x04Series 4closed
4x05Series 5closed
4x06Series 6closed
4x07Series 7closed
4x08Series 8closed
4x09Series 9closed
4x10Series 10closed

Eline Powell Becomes a Mermaid | Siren: Secrets From The Set | Freeform

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