Skam season 5

This is a Norwegian series, the first season of which was released in 2015 and immediately found its fans. The picture tells of schoolgirls from Oslo, who face many problems and find ways to solve them. Since the project is very popular around the world, the creators do not plan to complete it.

Of course, such a picture was doomed to success, as decent teen films are always very popular.

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When will Shame come out (Skam) season 5?

Since the series is very popular around the world, the creators did not plan to complete it. But, on the other hand, it became known that it was decided to suspend the project after the release of the season 4 for reasons unknown to us. Whether the directors will take up work on “Skam” again is not known, but fans from all over the world are looking forward to it …

About the project

At the forefront here are exclusively love stories that do not always end well. In addition, here “add” additional storylines about friendship, betrayal and meanness on the part of relatives.

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Actors, playing the main characters, perfectly convey emotions and make the viewer literally every moment of empathy.

Skam season 5

Each season is dedicated to a single hero, and the narrative is conducted solely on his behalf. This allows you to get to know each of the characters as best as possible, to feel his emotions and his character and understand his actions and deeper. This project is often associated with the famous “Molokososami”, which also was not always unambiguously accepted by the public. Indeed, some points are very similar. However, the stories told in this and the other series, are radically different from each other.

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The series is recommended for viewing, both for young people, and for the representatives of the older generation. Each story carries in itself not just a retelling of certain events, it allows you to understand the actions of the characters, their motives, as well as their internal problems, struggles and experiences. Many people say that watching this series helps parents better understand their teenage children and make contact with them in difficult life periods.

Interesting Facts

The series became popular and is world famous after the release of the 3rd season. It is in it tells the story of two guys who fall in love.

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Skam season 5

Of course, such a plot could not provoke a stormy reaction from the public. But, despite the fact that the viewers ‘and critics’ opinion was divided, the majority still approved such a decision by the writers.

Actors who play the protagonists, almost never give an interview and independently conduct instagrams for their characters, laying out not only photographs, but also screenshots of correspondence. This allows fans not only to enjoy the series, but to imbued with a fictional universe.

Skam season 5 release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
5x01Series 1No annonced
5x02Series 2No annonced
5x03Series 3No annonced
5x04Series 4No annonced
5x05Series 5No annonced
5x06Series 6No annonced
5x07Series 7No annonced
5x08Series 8No annonced
5x09Series 9No annonced
5x10Series 10No annonced

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