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For a long time, blacks were belittled, forced to live in the shade. But in the 1960s and 80s, the British black communities decided to declare a battle with the police and the lawlessness that was happening on the streets of the city. The main ringleader was Frank, the owner of the elite cafe “Mangrove”. Unwillingly, he led the crowd behind him and was forced to fight the system to the end…

“Small Axe ss 2”: release date, announcement

As of November 2021 there is no information that the director is preparing a sequel to the drama show “Small Axe”.
Vivid stories of that time, better than any words, show in what kind of oppression African Americans lived, who were constantly chased by the police. And now the problem remains relevant, so the picture immediately found its audience.


Previously, Frank did not listen to the law and did things for which any person could be imprisoned, and the color of his skin was unimportant. He opened the “Rio” club, where drugs and alcohol were endless, and there were too many casino machines and tables with card games to count. But one day, the police destroyed the institution beyond repair.

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After that, Frank thought about a legal business that would simply bring him income as an entrepreneur. Enlisting the support of loved ones, he opened a 24-hour cafe and named it “Mangrove”, but even then he was in for a failure. Who among the self-respecting police officers will allow a negro to open a cafe on his territory?

So thought Police Officer Pulley, who over the course of six weeks staged 9 raids and tried to find something forbidden at the “Mangrove”. But every time, luck turned against him, because Frank tried in every possible way to protect his new brainchild and did not allow Pulley to establish his own order in foreign territory.

Frame from the TV show

The policeman decided to go the illegal way, harassing people on the streets, at least somehow connected with Frank. He arranged interrogations in order to tarnish his reputation, beat anyone who said even a word against him, he even mocked women. It’s hard to count how many times Frank and his comrades were under arrest.

Complaints to higher authorities were ignored. Then especially active personalities and part-time friends of Frank decided to arrange a rally, which ended in failure. Without losing hope to protect their interests, the African American company decides to go to court, where they intend to explain their position and defend themselves without a lawyer. But will it work?

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Season 1 features several stories that cover themes of modern society. Nobody pays attention to it, so let the writers bring it through the show! Moreover, most of the members of the film crew are African American, who still sometimes face ridicule from white people.

Actors and their roles

  • Frank – the owner of the “Mangrove” establishment, who previously had a gambling facility; harassed by the police, in particular by one vile policeman who cannot leave Frank’s skin color and his new legal business alone; Frank is kind, sympathetic, wishes no harm to anyone, but with hatred he treats those who prevent him from living in peace – Shaun Parkes.
  • Pulley – a police officer who is convinced that blacks should not have a place to play and relax; a racist who is unable to cope with his emotions; encourages other police officers to behave badly towards African Americans; gets moral pleasure from beating and torturing blacks – Sam Spruell.

Interesting Facts

  1. “Small Axe” was written, produced and directed by African-American Steve McQueen, who has written many popular films and TV series aimed at highlighting the theme of racism, which still persists in the United States. Steve has directed films such as “12 Years a Slave”, “Codes of Conduct”, “Static”, “Running Thunder”, etc.
  2. As the scenery for the London views, they used an ordinary mirror, in which part of the city was changed by decorators, and the other part was simply mirrored. “Mangrove” was an abandoned non-residential building, in which the walls were painted and then old furniture that reminded the fashion of that time was placed.
  3. When they were looking for chairs and tables for “Mangrove”, decorators preferred dilapidated furniture, since the police needed to break, destroy everything in their path. Chairs were often filed, as were tables, so that they could be easily broken during filming. When  Mr. Pulley’s raid on the cafe, more than 30 tables and chairs were destroyed, which later went to the fire set up in Season 1.
  4. In an interview for an American TV show, Shaun Parkes said that he often faces problems of racism. Even being famous, he is often not recognized by police officers who sometimes exceed their powers. Once, the actor even had to sue a police officer who caused him serious bodily harm in front of witnesses.
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Small Axe Season 2: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
2x01Series 1not announced
2x02Series 2not announced
2x03Series 3not announced
2x04Series 4not announced
2x05Series 5not announced

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