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Marius believed that he had found a way to avoid punishment, but in fact he substituted even more. An inmate in custody, he decided to introduce himself before the rest of the world in the name of his cellmate Pete, and now he is in trouble from all sides – from Pete’s enemies and from his own enemies, who were very much waiting for his return from prison.

When will the series “Sneaky Pete Season 4” be released?

The long-awaited continuation of the picture “Sneaky Pete” is preparing for release in May 2020.

Viewers will have to prepare for the fact that the season may be the last, because the leading actor Giovanni Ribisi is not ready to extend the contract for season 5. How will the fate of the series remains unknown.


Having been imprisoned for petty theft, Marius calmly is serving his term. But unfortunately, his chatty neighbor becomes his camera colleague, who constantly talks about his family, who has not seen him for many years. Marius is just waiting for an opportunity to slip away from the conversation, and now he is given such an opportunity. A few days before the end of his sentence, Marius decides to call his brother and tell about his exit.

It turns out that the protagonist is in trouble, moreover in full. Having indebted the rich man to Vince, to the obscene level of a nightmarish amount, Eddie is afraid that Marius will have to pay with his own head on arrival. Realizing that the prison is now his salvation, he decides to come up with a plan that will allow Marius to get away from the water. Pete’s relatives immediately come to mind, who have not seen him for decades.

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The main character of the series

After leaving prison, Marius goes to his relatives and declares that he… Pete! Joyful exclamations did not take long to wait and Marius sighed with relief – none of the newly minted relatives even wondered – could this guy from the street be Pete, but someone else?

In the course of the plot reversal, Marius understands how attached he is to his new relatives, but problems are raining on his head one after another. First, Vince, ready to dismember Eddie’s body, if Marius does not give up the money in a short time, then insane Lizzie, who is not afraid of even his own death. It seems that this lady has no self-preservation instinct, maybe that’s why she is so lucky?

But Marius is not as simple as the viewer would have thought at the very beginning. It may be difficult, but he removes his enemies from his path, thereby ensuring the security of himself and his new relatives. In season 4, the storyline of the previous season will continue, because there are still many unresolved issues that Marius will be forced to put in the first place.

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Actors and their roles

  • Marius Josipovic – a petty thief who was involved in fraud, at the beginning of the series loved to profit from other people’s money; easily turns the scam, because his mental abilities are very developed; Marius is able to use his own fantasy, as a powerful weapon against enemies – Giovanni Ribisi.
  • Doug Decker – politician, has the ability to manipulate and mislead people – Jeff Ross.
  • Stefano Kilbane – rich with exorbitant ego, owns his own company, loves exhibitions, museums, antiques, paintings by great artists and other things; unable to forgive enemies, always finds both the enemy and the way to get rid of him – Patrick J. Adams.
  • Lizzie – a professional swindler, has an unshakable character, which partly justifies her lack of will to life itself; Lizzie is not afraid of death, she perceives her as routine, even her own injuries do not scare her, Lizzie is ready to plunge into any, even the most deadly adventure – Efrat Dor.

Interesting Facts

  1. Initially, the picture was planned to be released on the CBS channel, but the greed of the creators allowed the Amazon channel to outbid the pilot for a higher price. Not all project participants were satisfied with this decision, so a smaller part of people left the picture even before Amazon Studios fully purchased the rights to it. They were replaced by workers of the new channel, so problems in the hands of the creators in principle did not exist.
  2. One of the creators of the series is Bryan Cranston, who also starred in the series, playing the role of Vince. Before the pilot episode, Bryan Cranston decided to play in a mini-commercial, where he showed himself to be a negative character. This aroused interest in the picture and the passion for changing the broadcasting location subsided, leaving the place for intrigue.
  3. Before the release of the third season, the creators had any omissions with Giovanni Ribisi. The actor was well aware that the series was a success, but his fee was never raised, since the exact amounts indicated to him immediately. By signing the contract for the season 4, the actor decided to “bargain” and received another 1% of the profits to his usual fee. However, so far he does not want to participate in season 5.
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Sneaky Pete Season 4 release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
4x01Series 1May 2020
4x02Series 2May 2020
4x03Series 3May 2020
4x04Series 4May 2020
4x05Series 5May 2020
4x06Series 6May 2020
4x07Series 7May 2020
4x08Series 8May 2020
4x09Series 9May 2020
4x10Series 10May 2020

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