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The series tells about people whose fate was somehow intertwined with each other. The blame is drugs. Someone bought, someone traded, and someone even ended their days with powder in their blood and without a single chance get rid of an overdose. How to get rid of addiction? How to quit this vicious circle? How to save a life?

When will the series “Snowfall Season 4” be released?

The continuation of the multi-part crime drama “Snowfall” is expected in July 2020. The creators of the series said that season 4 could be the last, because during the first three seasons the plot inexorably reached a denouement. It’s time to stop keeping the audience in suspense!

p.s. Due to the outbreak of coronavirus, the premiere of the season 4 is postponed to February 24, 2021.


An ordinary African American Franklin wants to achieve great heights in this life. But here’s the bad luck – in the area where he grew up, it is impossible to find a job that can implement his plans. Franklin seeks help from his uncle and aunt, who have long been trading in weed.

At first, everything is going well – the guy is slowly joining the business. He is engaged in the packaging of goods, and then its distribution. In the evenings, he moonlights at the grocery store. But over time, Franklin realizes that this small income is not able to pull him and his mother out of poverty. The guy begins to look for new ways. As a result, fate itself throws him a decision – at one of the parties he was asked to bring heroin.

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Since Franklin had not previously distributed hard drugs, he refuses. But persistent comrades ask him for help. Then Franklin decides to help, and goes to the drug dealer. The man is not as simple as one might think. Still – one of his hobbies is shooting at people who are wearing body armor.

The main character of the series

Having arranged a check for Franklin, the drug dealer gives a kilogram of cocaine for sale and offers to sell the goods in 24 hours. In case of failure, the drug dealer threatens reprisal. Franklin decides to try his luck and turns to his uncle for help, because the guy needs to sell the goods. He offers his nephew not to mess with dangerous people, because big money carries big problems.

But Franklin does not want to hear about it. Then an aunt, who has her own sales channels, decides to help him, though they cannot be called strong. Over time, the guy feels his impunity, but the law is already pursuing him on the heels. Can Franklin leave the poor neighborhood and give her mother a better life? Or is there only a prison waiting for the guy?

Actors and their roles

  • Franklin – a drug distribution guy who doesn’t drink or smoke himself; he often reads books, has good relations with his mother, earns money in a store, is in love, does not want to steal, considering selling drugs to be the more proper way to make money; Franklin dreams of leaving the ghetto and picking up his mother, who goes to work with a gun – Damson Idris.
  • Leon Simmons – Franklin’s friend, recently returned from prison, while his character deteriorated beyond recognition; he does not want to turn off loud music in public transport, threatens people with physical harm, behaves inappropriately with women, which often frustrates Franklin – Isaiah John.
  • Louie – Franklin’s aunt, loves soap operas, Louie always stays in shape when she needs to kick someone in the face; in the first episode, she dragged a girl who came for weed without money for her hair; the woman is ready to help her nephew, but she is trying to dissuade her from the coke venture, since all this can end with imprisonment – Angela Lewis.
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Interesting Facts

  1. During the filming of the pilot episode on the site of Leon, a friend of Franklin, there was another actor. He accidentally became ill in the middle of the filming process. Then they called an ambulance – within a week he died in the hospital. I had to urgently seek a replacement. At the casting came Isaiah John, who soon replaced the dead actor, whose name is not mentioned anywhere.
  2. In the streets where the main shots were shot, there was unbearable heat. The ice cream stall seen by viewers at the beginning of season one was a lifeline for actors. In between filming, the guys constantly gobbled up ice cream in order to somehow save themselves from overheating. Even ice drinks did not help, because they quickly cooled down in such heat.
  3. Damson Idris was able to pass the casting for the main role the first time. According to the directors, this is how Franklin should behave and look. Over time, such thoughts from the film crew disappeared by themselves – Idris is a wonderful actor, feeling the camera, doing without fabulous fees and not chasing all the projects at once.
  4. Angela Lewis during the filming of the scene where she had to fight in a bar, and really hit her cheek hard. The abrasion that the audience saw on her face was real. Often, the staging of fights ended for the actors with small cuts and scratches.
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Snowfall Season 4: Release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
4x01Series 1February 24, 2021
4x02Series 2March 3, 2021
4x03Series 3March 10, 2021
4x04Series 4March 17, 2021
4x05Series 5March 24, 2021
4x06Series 6March 31, 2021
4x07Series 7April 7, 2021
4x08Series 8April 14, 2021
4x09Series 9April 21, 2021
4x10Series 10April 28, 2021

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