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Not so long ago, the planet where Korvo, Jesse, Terry and Yumyulack lived was destroyed. To save themselves, they boarded a spaceship and flew to Earth. Together with them went a small creature, which they named Pupa. The day the Pupa grows up, the Earth will be swallowed up. Meanwhile, Korvo does not give up trying to fly away from the hated planet…

“Solar Opposites ss 4”: release date, announcement

The continuation of the fascinating adult animated sitcom “Solar Opposites” is preparing to be released on August 14, 2022. The season will consist of 11 episodes. 


Numerous attempts to fly away from Earth constantly end in failure for Korvo. After having to make an emergency escape from a destroyed planet, he was met with a cold welcome elsewhere. The ship was wrecked, and Korvo lost all ability to repair it. It wasn’t until Season 2 that there was a slim chance that the ship would work again.

While Korvo is busy fixing the flying machine and looking for the right parts for it, its other passengers are trying to adapt to life on Earth. They get a home, and Pupa is considered a pet. Jesse and Yumyulack attend school, Terry takes care of the house and is a kind of “keeper of the family hearth”, even if not the most responsible one.

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The optimist Jesse hoped until the last moment to acquire a brilliant reputation among her classmates. Yumyulack also wanted to become cool and influential. Instead, they experienced the usual teenage difficulties, which they coped with as best they could. For example, Yumyulack reduced his offenders to tiny sizes and placed them in an enclosed space.

Frame from the animated sitcom

By the beginning of the season 3, Korvo still managed to fix the ship, but due to the reluctance of his comrades to leave Earth, he was getting worse. It got to the point that Korvo began to spread and turn into a goo. As a leader, he had to do a lot of work on himself, which helped him to recover and accept the preferences of his other comrades.

Little Pupa understood the basic principles of communication with humanity and skillfully used it. His great passion was sweet rings, for which he pretended to be a man who became the lover of the daughter of the owner of a sweets company for more than a year. When Poop was offered a huge amount of money to leave his beloved, the little monster in response offered to provide him not with money, but with sweets…

So they live, alternating problems with the fulfillment of desires. But they understood the main thing later – they do not want to fly away from the Earth, because now their home is here. So, in the season 4, adventures await them on their home planet!

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Main characters and voice actors

  • Jesse — trying to quickly adapt to a new place; as a member of the team, she must keep a logbook and record the most important events taking place among alien civilizations; often fails in communication with earthlings; optimistic about any business and even failures are not able to break her ardor — Mary Mack.
  • Korvo — behaves like a grouchy old man, which often affects his health; only realizing his problem, he ceases to decompose; constantly repairs the ship, but when he manages to repair it, he understands how he is used to the Earth and wants to stay here himself; adores the hot drink produced by the body of earthlings — Justin Roiland.
  • Yumyulack — according to the regulations of his own civilization, he was called into the group to protect it even at the cost of his own life, but when he finds out about this, he realizes that this is not so; reduces people he doesn’t like; in the season 1 he often laughed at Jesse, but after he found out about her warm feelings for him, he became more accommodating — Sean Giambrone.
  • Terry — stupid, but friendly; knows all the secrets of the family, but does not tell anyone about them; trying to come up with interesting activities for Korvo and captivate him with earthly life; cares for Pupa and eats candies with him; often starts homophobic relationships; easily converges with people; hard going through betrayal — Thomas Middleditch.
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Interesting Facts

  1. Even before the release date of season 3, a fan version appeared on the network, which says that Rick and Morty will appear in one of the following seasons of the animated series. Justin Roiland refuses to comment on this theory, citing the fact that the press should not interfere with the further script of the project – this is contrary to the principles of creating an animated series.
  2. The digital release took place on Hulu on June 8, 2020. According to Hulu, “Solar Opposites” is officially considered the most viewed since its premiere.
  3. In May 2022, a new racing game “Warped Kart Racers” was released, which included 20 of the most popular characters from various cartoons. Among them are the main characters of the animated sitcom “Solar Opposites”. Also in the game were characters from the animated series “Family Guy” and “American Dad!“.

Solar Opposites Season 4: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
4x01Series 1August 14, 2023
4x02Series 2August 14, 2023
4x03Series 3August 14, 2023
4x04Series 4August 14, 2023
4x05Series 5August 14, 2023
4x06Series 6August 14, 2023
4x07Series 7August 14, 2023
4x08Series 8August 14, 2023

Solar Opposites – The Making Of • A Hulu Original

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