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Laura Price survived the terrible tragedy – a woman lost her beloved daughter, whose body was found by a fisherman at the bottom of the lake. Unable to cope with the loss, she tries to commit suicide, but unknown forces do not allow a woman to do this.

When will the series “Somewhere between Season 3” come out?

On the continuation of the thriller “Somewhere Between” at the moment there is no speech. After all, the shooting of the season 2 is suspended. The reasons for not filming are unknown to us. And the fans can only hope that the beloved heroes of the picture will still return to our screens …


Laura can rightly be called a loving mother – she enthusiastically raised her daughter, had time to build a career on television and was just an excellent example of her child. When the murderer began to work in the city, people were frightened, but no one could take it personally. What was shocking surprise, Price, when exactly her daughter was found dead.

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Without surviving the tragedy, the woman goes to the shore of the lake in order to die, throws stones into her pockets and jumps into the water. Waking up on the shore, Laura is at a loss. How did she end up here? On arrival, she discovers her daughter is alive, but immediately realizes that fate has transferred her back in time.

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The gap of two weeks gives her an advantage and Price tries to find the perpetrator first, than he will get to her daughter. Soon the woman has a like-minded person, who in the same way was in this time interval. Now they together try to neutralize the killer and save as many innocent lives as possible.

Every day is filled with chilling bodies that are torn by the soul, which the unknown leaves, but Laura does not have the right to make a mistake, because the life of her beloved daughter and other still-living girls is at stake. Who is still a criminal? And does Price know his surroundings so well?

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Shot from the series

Actors and their roles

  • Laura Price, the mother of her dead daughter, was able to go back in time and now is trying to stop the criminal – Paul Patton.
  • Serena is Laura’s daughter, first the corpse of Serena was found at the bottom of the lake, but after the mother’s suicide and her time travel, the girl came alive, now in danger – Aria Birch.
  • Nico Jackson – a detective who accidentally witnessed the death of Laura, and then found himself in her time frame, helps the mother find a criminal – Davon Sava.
  • Tom Price – Laura’s husband, Serena’s father, is a very unordinary personality, for the whole time of the series leaves only riddles, it seems like an ordinary man, but has many secrets – David Born.

Interesting Facts

  1. Each season contains 10 series, lasting 60 minutes. Broadcasting is engaged in the ABC channel. The series is attributed to a mystical genre with elements of a thriller.
  2. The picture is based on the Korean TV series “The Gift of Heaven: 14 days” and is its remake. It is worth noting that according to critics, the American version has more success than the original.
  3. Stephen Tolkien was the writer of the first two seasons. He specializes in fantasy films, thrillers and dramas.
  4. The difference between the first and second seasons was exactly one year – on July 24, 2017 a pilot series appeared, and by the same number, but a year later the first series of the second season appeared.
  5. The scene where Laura throws stones in her pockets overshadowed the finicky viewer, because, being in the depths, the floors of her cloak went up, which indicates the absence of stones. Such procrastination is quite a lot and it could well have affected the reduced spectator interest at the end of the season.
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Somewhere between Season 3 release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
3x01Series 1No announced
3x02Series 2No announced
3x03Series 3No announced
3x04Series 4No announced
3x05Series 5No announced
3x06Series 6No announced
3x07Series 7No announced
3x08Series 8No announced
3x09Series 9No announced
3x10Series 10No announced

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