Soul Land Season 4 (Douluo Dalu)


The incredible popularity of the manga “Douluo Dalu” did not make fans wait long – the first film adaptation took place in early 2018. Favorite characters came to life, the plot captured, the animation was at the highest level – is this not a gift from the creators of anime? ..

Genre – fantasy,shounen, adventure, romance.
The premiere of the season 1 took place on January 21, 2018.
The number of episodes is 26.
Duration of each series – 20 min.

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The original name of the anime is “Douluo Dalu”.
The name of the series in English is “Soul Land”, “Combat Continent”.

When will theanime “Soul Land Season 4” be released?

The series was so fond of the Chinese audience that there was no question of doubts about the release of its continuation. The ratings and popularity of anime has not fallen so far, which means we are waiting for a new series. Season 4 is set to premiere in November 2020.


Season 1

Tang Sect is a killer school that specializes in poisons and hidden weapons…

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The young guy Tang San has studied the development of illegal weapons all his life. To reach the pinnacle of his accumulated mastery, Tang took possession of the secret knowledge of the Sect. Now there is only one road for him – death. Having revived in a new world where everyone has his own guardian spirit, Tang San begins his journey again. They can develop your power, increase it and once become a spiritual Master in order to share the secrets of spiritual power with others.

In the world of Doulouo Dalu (Combat Continent), Tang is trying with all his might to strengthen the spirit inherent in it. It seemed that to achieve the goal of becoming a Master, there was no chance. But Tang San does not intend to give up…

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Frame from anime

Season 2

10,000 years have passed since the creation of the Tang Sect. A new hero is a new story. Exploring the continent will not be easy. Ahead is danger and struggle. Will Tang Sect lose support in the face of new characters or will he collapse and oblivion?..

Main characters

  • Tang San – wanting to find out the secrets of the Sect, entered a sacred place and stole knowledge, for which he immediately paid with his life; after death he was reborn in the new world, preserving his past memories; calm, kind in nature, takes care of loved ones; before acting, analyze his actions; in battle – cold-blooded and prudent.
  • etc.

Interesting Facts

  1. The author of “Tang Jia San Shao” is Tang Jia San Shao. Among his works: “Mad God”, “Soul Land” (all volumes), etc.
  2. Many fans of the series “Combat Continent”, who were waiting for the season 2, thought that the new season would be an adaptation of the 2nd volume of the manga. In fact, all seasons are a direct continuation of the plot.
  3. The numbering of the anime series is constantly misleading the audience. The new season usually starts with the 1st series, but according to the frequent practice of Chinese anime, the numbering of the series continued. For example, season 2 began with episode number 27.
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Soul Land Season 4: Release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
4x01Series 1November 21, 2020
4x02Series 2November 28, 2020
4x03Series 3December 5, 2020
4x04Series 4December 12, 2020
4x05Series 5December 19, 2020
4x06Series 6December 26, 2020
4x07Series 7January 2, 2021
4x08Series 8January 9, 2021
4x09Series 9January 16, 2021
4x10Series 10January 23, 2021

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