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The American animated series, deriding the ideals of modern society won the hearts of viewers back in the nineties. Four friends are constantly involved in various troubles. Conflicts between them are inevitable, because their characters are too different from each other.

When will the animated series “South Park Season 23” come out?

The continuation of the humorous animated series “South Park” will be held on September 25, 2019. The authors of the series said that they will release it until the “Central park” will not refuse to cooperate with them.


Every morning four friends meet at a bus stop to go to school. Kyle is the quietest and most sensible child of nine. He is brought up in a Jewish family, he has a brother Ike, to whom he is very attached.

Cartman is the thickest boy in the company. He has a nasty character, swears with obscene language, is able to substitute his friends, each series jokes over Kyle because of Jewish roots. Friends call him Girtrest.

Stan is Kyle’s best friend. Awfully afraid of his older sister, and his father is actually the famous singer Lorde. Kenny – lives in a poor family, dies every series. In the last season it became known that Kenny’s superpower is a resurrection, but after his murder all friends lose memory every time.

Shot from the cartoon

Cartman calls his best friend Butters, which is conducted for all provocations. The boy constantly suffers because of attacks by his parents, often punished. In one of the first series reveals his second essence – he is called the villain Chaos, who sows darkness and destruction. More than 20 seasons, the writers revealed each character from South Park.

In season 23, the development of the relationship between Cartman and Heidi, the consequences of Kyle’s struggle for the rights of the infringed, as well as the disclosure of the secret identity of his father, which led people to suicide, will be shown. Stan will dissolve the next stories with the participation of his father, and Kenny will continue to administer justice over the crime of South Park.

Actors of scoring

  • Kyle and Butters voiced by Matt Stone.
  • Cartman and Stan speak in the voice of Trey Parker.
  • Many times famous stars were invited to voice single-character. One of these stars was Jennifer Aniston, the voice that the school choir teacher says.
  • Robert Smith, the band “Korn”, “Radiohead” and many other celebrities were invited to the group to voice themselves.
  • Until 1999, all female voices were by the same woman. Unfortunately, she died in her apartment, having committed suicide. Currently, all the women of the South Park speak with the voices of Mona Marshall and April Stewart.

Interesting Facts

  1. One series of the animated series “South Park” is created about two weeks, sometimes the terms become larger, sometimes less. For example, the series detailing the arrest of Saddam Hussein was drawn in 4 days. Thus, the real events took place on December 13, and on December 17 the audience saw the same story, but already in the cartoon.
  2. For over two decades the age of the characters has not changed. It has a similarity to the animated series “The Simpsons”, but the plot of the two animated pictures is completely different.
  3. South Park is gaining more and more fans every year. Over the past 10 years – this is the only picture on all TV channels, the rating of which only increases over the years.
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South Park Season 23 release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
23x01Series 1September 25, 2019
23x02Series 2October 2, 2019
23x03Series 3October 9, 2019
23x04Series 4October 16, 2019
23x05Series 5October 23, 2019
23x06Series 6October 30, 2019
23x07Series 7November 6, 2019
23x08Series 8November 13, 2019
23x09Series 9November 20, 2019
23x10Series 10November 27, 2019

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