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The animated series “South Park” began its existence in 1999 and is still popular among young people. The problems of sexual minorities and topics that people are not used to talking in society have for many years become the main highlight of the show. What will bring the next season to the audience and who will become its main character?

When will the animated series “South Park Season 24” be released?

The sequel to the cartoon “South Park” will appear on September 30, 2020. Some sources claim that the project encountered technical difficulties, about which nothing is known. But the team, which has been working on producing the project for decades, continues to report that it will be able to stay on the air for more than one season.


Almost every episode begins at a bus stop, where four 9-year-old youths discuss their pressing problems. Cartman loves to hurt each of his comrades, while he is terribly offended when they point out to him their own shortcomings, including overweight, which the child has in excess. But Cartman never gives up.

He enthusiastically throws unpleasant remarks toward his Jewish friend Kyle, but he is extremely rarely rebuffed, because Kyle is too smart and well-educated to fit into a verbal skirmish. Between the comrades, Cartman is better known by the nickname “the fat kid”. The boy has long ceased to be offended by such a nickname and even responds to it.

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Kyle’s best friend, Stan, also tries to ignore Cartman’s antics. And why is it when his father is able to throw out any trick in his own house. For example, recently a group of friends found out that Stan’s father is dressing up as a fashion singer who is world famous. But few people know who she is in real life.

Frame from the animated series


Kenny is the poorest boy in the company. Friends sometimes make fun of his position, but never leave him in trouble. This does not stop Kenny from dying every episode. And recently, the boy said that he was able to self-repair the next day, though everyone forgot about it and again terrified at Kenny’s next death.

Often the four friends quarrel among themselves, and sometimes arranges ostentatious wars, but in the end they still remain friends. The animated series without hesitation shows the audience those problems that everyone thinks about, but no one dares to speak. Same-sex marriages, people with disabilities in physical or mental development, religious issues – all this is played out in a playful way…

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The main characters of the animated series

  • Kyle – wears a green hat; Jewish nationality, which often causes disputes and omissions in American society; Kyle has a younger brother, and parents who devote a lot of time to religious matters.
  • Butters – a fair-haired 9-year-old boy, Cartman’s best friend; a small-minded boy who is terribly afraid of his parents; at night he transforms into an evil Butters and can do all kinds of stupid things, for example, he makes people work for him.
  • Stan – wears a blue hat; calm and balanced; terrified of her sister, who wears braces; he is close to his mother, sometimes comes into conflict with his father, but at the same time he values his relatives and, in case of trouble, will not make them blush for themselves.
  • Cartman – the most chubby boy in the company, is nicknamed “the fat kid”; makes fun of the guys; Cartman is a very embittered child and is ready to go all the way to avenge the offender or achieve his goal.

Interesting Facts

  1. Starting from the season 15, all the new characters that appear in the animated series look like members of the crew. Thus, Cartman’s girlfriend, Wendy, became like a real artist-girl Wendy, who has worked as a animator in her life and devoted more than 10 years to “South Park”.
  2. Matt Stone and Trey Parker are the creators of the cartoon. For more than 20 years, they have been able to keep the picture afloat and at the same time not to reduce the salaries of themselves and their employees.
  3. Current world events – one of the highlights of the show. Sometimes a series is created just minutes before the broadcast, and yesterday’s news can already be seen in today’s series of South Park.
  4. Broadcasting rights over the years have been bought by more than 100 television channels around the world. The animated series has been translated into 32 languages and is broadcast in hundreds of countries.
  5. At the time of mid-2019, more than three dozen lawsuits were filed in which it was said that the animated series violates the rights and freedoms of blacks, lesbians, Muslims and other persons who consider themselves to be disadvantaged. Most of these lawsuits are resolved in the direction of the creators of the series, since no one wants to infringe on anyone with such an animated series – just to joke.
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South Park Season 24: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
24x01Series 1September 30, 2020
24x02Series 2March 10, 2021
24x03Series 3November 25, 2021
24x04Series 4December 16, 2021

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