Spawn 2

The first part was published in 1997. The film is a film adaptation of comics and is a fantastic action movie with elements of a thriller.

Will “Spawn 2” come out?

This question is asked by many fans of the film. The fact is that many years have passed since the first part was released. Its creators for a long time did not give a specific answer to this question.

Despite the fact that information about the beginning of filming of the second part is constantly appearing in the press, no one officially made a statement. The latest data – the premiere of the 2nd part of the film will be held at the end of 2020.

The creators admitted that they had prepared a completely new scenario. Detailed information on the plot can not be found yet, as the writers keep everything in strictest confidence.

Spawn 2 movie

However, now the fans of the film had a hope that the new picture will surpass the first part and become a worthy example of a real fantastic action movie, created by a series of comic books.

Is it worth to look?

According to the plot of the film, the protagonist, dying, gets to Purgatory, where he makes a deal with Satan himself.

He gives him supernatural powers and gives the opportunity to see his beloved wife. In exchange for such a service a man must fulfill a number of conditions. However, after returning to earth, he refuses to fulfill his obligations and enters into battle with the forces of evil.

Reviews and criticism

The given picture was rather coldly received by critics and practically did not receive positive assessments. It is perceived as a low-budget action movie, in which there are many action games, many combat productions, but lacks natural human emotions and feelings.

Spawn movie

And it’s not a bad game of actors. Here the director put the idea of ​​confronting good and evil to the fore, and completely forgot that the characters should show some kind of living emotions.

The villains turned out to be cardboard, the characters who fall into dangerous situations do not show any fear. As a result, the whole picture looks rather empty and more like old cartoons about superheroes, rather than a full-fledged fantastic action movie. There is history here and it is interesting, but the characters clearly do not reach the right level.

Fans of comics divided into two camps. Some say that the film was a decent adaptation and showed all that was transmitted in the comics themselves. Others say that the film “Spawn” does not hold up to being called a worthy version of the comics.

Despite all this, there are some rather interesting moments in the picture that you still want to revise. Especially the audience remembered the character played by John Leguizamo. Somehow he managed to hook the majority of viewers, since his character is rather ambiguous, both ironic and repulsive.

Spawn 2 release date

NameSeries titleRelease date
SpawnPart 2the end of 2020

Spawn 2 Trailer