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At a time when the pandemic destroyed all people’s plans to leave home, they had to learn to live in self-isolation. The actors of the West End Theater tried their best not to lose heart. They knew that the coronavirus would end and their heroes would again perform in front of their beloved audience. But how not to lose their skill and stay sane when they spent months with their family?..

“Staged ss 3”: release date, announcement

Although the picture was interesting to the audience during the first two parts, it has lost its relevance over time. The sequel to “Staged” has not yet been officially announced, but viewers are hoping to see a new season.
The script for the show was written based on real events in the world a couple of weeks before filming began. Simon Evans is ready for further work, but it is not yet known what may serve as the basis for new episodes.


A terrible situation – the streets are empty, it is forbidden to leave the house without protective equipment. The police are watching every step. People around are sick. Even close friends refuse to meet, preferring to sit out at home. But it’s not easy to make artists sit around. In order not to lose their work rhythm during the quarantine, they decide to rehearse on a webcam.

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The idea belongs to Simon Evans – a strange guy who makes ridiculous mistakes at every step. As an actor, he wants to rehearse with David Tennatt and Michael Sheen on a future play. But relations with colleagues are not going well. Sheen can hardly bear the guy, and agrees to rehearsal only thanks to the persuasion of his best friend David.

In the first meeting via video link, Simon disconnects, deciding not to answer one of the compromising questions. The next attempt did not bring any results either – Evans got a call and he forgot about his colleagues, leaving the conversation to his sister. At this time, David toils from idleness and tries to hide in a huge house from children. The wife needs to work, which means he will have to spend time with the kids.

Frame from the TV show

Michael has a harder time at home. He complains in every possible way about the world around him to his wife, who can hardly endure his nasty character. Sheen complains about pigeons, of which there are too many lately, writes amazing pictures and at the same time does not even see how beautiful they are. Even Tennant was very surprised by this talent…

For two seasons, colleagues rehearsed via video link, resolved personal conflicts, tried to work on disagreements, and the number of artists was constantly increasing. Now the feud for the first place is over, and the early premiere of the joint project is getting closer. But how will they come out on the stage now after everything that happened to them during the quarantine period?

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Actors and their roles

In the show, everyone plays themselves.

  • David Tennatt – a Scottish actor, lives in Great Britain with his wife and four mischievous children who prevent the artist from living in peace; balanced, but if someone unbalances him, he is capable of doing stupid things; often asks everyone to calm down, as friends are even more impulsive.
  • Michael Sheen – an actor forced to spend time at home; hates pigeons; drank so much that he was embarrassed to throw out the trash, otherwise the neighbors would see the bottles; decided to throw his garbage to a neighbor who does not sort it; great paints, but does not consider it a talent.
  • Georgia Tennant – David’s wife, also works at home, periodically asks her husband to sit with the children, as she works remotely on scripts; appears frequently in his conversations with colleagues; by nature she is calm, which allows her to easily resolve conflicts with an enraged spouse.

Interesting Facts

  1. At birth, David Tennant had the surname McDonald, but when it came time to break out into the actors, he decided to take something more sonorous. So the singer Neil Tennant, who had played for a long time with the Pet Shop Boys, came to his mind, and David decided to officially change his last name. A lot of time has passed since then, but he does not regret what he did.
  2. Simon Evans helped set up the show and played the ridiculous female actor who’s getting out of hand. The role turned out amazingly, although it was originally planned to start the 2nd season without his participation. Viewers were optimistic about the eccentric guy and did not give Simon the opportunity to consider leaving the show.
  3. The main characters of the show rarely used video communication before, but during the quarantine period they increasingly had to communicate in this way. When they received an offer to play a web show, the actor first called up for several days and rehearsed conversations with each other. There were many nuances to consider. After that, filming began.
  4. Georgia Tennant did indeed work from home at the time of production and the presence of so many filming equipment in their apartment was a little scary. Children often played nearby, but the strict director Simon, in a playful manner, could easily send them to another room. Then the work went on quietly.
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Staged Season 3: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
3x01Series 1not announced
3x02Series 2not announced
3x03Series 3not announced
3x04Series 4not announced
3x05Series 5not announced
3x06Series 6not announced
3x07Series 7not announced
3x08Series 8not announced

How A-list Celebrities Are Dealing With Self-Isolation

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