Star Struck 2

This is a comedic melodrama, the first part of which was released in 2010. The main character comes to relatives and gets to know a local celebrity named Christopher Wild.When will Star Struck 2

After the release of the first part, many fans of the film are looking forward to information about the continuation.
However, the creators are not in a hurry to give any forecasts in their interviews. “Star Struck 2” is unlikely to be released, as the story ended in the first part.

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What is this film about?

The screenwriters showed in this project everything that was originally conceived. Actors, who played the main characters, competently and worthily conveyed the main idea of ​​the film. In the picture there is no some understatement and there are no hints of any continuation of the story.

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As it often happens with good films, it is advisable to stop in time and put an end to it. Chances are great that if the second part comes out, it will be a disappointment for the fans.

For a while, a guy and a girl spend time together and realize that they are falling in love desperately. After Jessica returns home and suddenly on one of the local channels she gets an interview with Christopher. He is asked the question about the girl who was seen next to him not so long ago. To this guy says that he does not know who she is. The guy’s words hurt Jessica severely.

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Reviews and criticism

Immediately it should be said that the film was created by the Disney film company, and this can be seen literally from the very first minutes of the picture. Despite the fact that the main roles are played by teenagers, the spectator does not for one minute feel the falsity of the game. The guys are so accustomed to their roles that they were able to perfectly convey almost every emotion of the character.

Star Struck 2 movie

As for the soundtrack, it can not be called any special or memorable. In general, the music is light and cheerful. Under it you want to dance a little and sing a little. It was created more in order to better convey the atmosphere of the film and show the inner state of the main characters.

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Despite the fact that the story itself is rather banal, and the film is definitely intended only for a teenage audience, it can be viewed also for the older generation. The picture is not overloaded with any complex plot twists, and the characters themselves are so light and simple that from the very first minutes of the film they somehow incredibly arrange for themselves.

About this film, you can definitely say that it was created exclusively for girls. In its format and atmosphere, it is involuntarily associated with fashionable glossy magazines. Guys such stories to watch will be completely not interesting. There is no action or some kind of confrontation, and the whole story is imbued with a kind of naivety and kindness.

Star Struck 2 release date

NameSeries titleRelease date
Star StruckPart 2Unknown

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