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Leaving the star fleet, Jean-Luc Picard decided to keep the reason for his departure a secret. However, as well as the loss of his best friend, who before his death managed to draw a picture of an unknown girl. 20 years after his death, on the threshold of his house, Jean-Luc meets that girl and learns a lot about the current state of affairs in the world…

When will the sequel to Star Trek: Picard Season 2 be released?

The sequel to the fantastic TV show “Star Trek: Picard” will take place, and it became known during the broadcast of the 1st season. It is too early to talk about the exact release date of new episodes, it is only known that the premiere of season 2 will take place in early 2022.

p.s. Officially: the premiere of the season 2 of the TV series “Star Trek: Picard” is scheduled for March 3, 2022!

The production of battle scenes, a well-chosen territorial location, the choice of actors playing the main roles, and a credible film crew were able to create an impressive series that the audience liked so much.


Even during his service in the star fleet, Jean-Luc Picard made friends with the android, which later became his best friend. They spent a lot of time together and Jean-Luc witnessed how the android painted a picture called “Daughter”. Then it did not carry a deep meaning, but it was worth remembering the face of the painted girl.

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As a result, the android saved Jean-Luc at the cost of its own life, leaving a deepest mark in the human heart. To this day, not one such android has been created that can put human life above its own. After 20 years, while Jean-Luc quietly lived out the rest of his life in a quiet place, a resident of the huge metropolis Dahj had fun with her boyfriend.

Three masked men burst into the apartment and drove a knife into the heart of Dahj’s beloved in front of the girl. Having lost control over herself, the girl defeated everything around and took the life of the attackers. In her head, such parts of the brain were activated that were dozing so far. In her mind, she saw Jean-Luc and decided to go to him for help.

Finding Picard, Dahj accidentally led an assassin. Fleeing from criminals, the girl was able to protect Jean-Luc, but she did not save herself. The man had only a medallion, reminiscent of the short presence of Dahj in his life. He managed to say that he saw her 20 years ago in a picture of his friend. It was she who was depicted on the canvas created by the android.

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Armed with the medallion of the deceased girl, Jean-Luc goes to the science laboratory, where he meets Agnes Jurati. The girl tries to avoid all questions about androids and their attack on one of the planets, but when Jean-Luc showed her the Dahj’s medallion, Agnes realized that there was no point in hiding the obvious. Now Jean-Luc is looking for a second Dahj and is trying to understand the conspiracy of the new government…

Actors and roles

  • Jean-Luc Picard – worked in the star fleet for many years, but was disappointed in their politics, decided to leave the service, retire to a quiet place and live the rest of his life calmly; remembers Dahj as the girl from the picture of his friend-android; trying to find her double – Patrick Stewart.
  • Dahj – a twin girl; in fact, there are two girls, one of whom remembered her skills only when a boyfriend was killed before her eyes; remembers Jean-Luc from his hallucinations and can always calculate his whereabouts; one of the girls rescued Jean-Luc and died from the liquid thrown out by the hired killer for her murder – Isa Briones.
  • Agnes Jurati – an employee of a scientific center helping Jean-Luc to explore Dahj and revealing secret information about androids; reluctantly communicates with Jean-Luc, but later imbued with confidence and helps to find a second Dahj – Alison Pill.
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Interesting Facts

  1. The events of the series are based on films of the same name. Most of the staff from the set took part in making the films. You can notice that the quality of the series is in no way inferior to the full-length tape, and their budget is almost the same.
  2. Isa Briones at the time of filming participated in three more projects, but she always had priority on the series “Star Trek: Picard”. It is worth noting that the color of her eyes is fake – all these are tricks of advanced computer graphics.
  3. More than 50 pavilions with chromakey were used as locations for filming. The residence of Jean-Luc took place in one pavilion while the house was based in a completely different place. This created certain difficulties, since it was often necessary to move from place to place. But in the end, the picture was impressive.

Star Trek: Picard Season 2 - release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
2x01Series 1March 3, 2022
2x02Series 2March 10, 2022
2x03Series 3March 17, 2022
2x04Series 4March 24, 2022
2x05Series 5March 31, 2022
2x06Series 6April 7, 2022
2x07Series 7April 14, 2022
2x08Series 8April 21, 2022
2x09Series 9April 28, 2022
2x10Series 10May 5 2022

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