Star vs. the Forces of Evil season 4

In early 2015, the American channel Disney hosted the premiere of the animated series created by director Mike Mullen.

Release date tv series “Star vs. the Forces of Evil ” season 4 scheduled, premiere of the new series will be held – March 10, 2019.

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At the end of February 2017, the management of the studio “Disney Television Animation” officially extended the show for the fourth season, the script for the new series is already written, the animation and voice acting of the characters are being developed.

Interesting Facts

The soundtrack for the show “Star vs. the Forces of Evil” written by Brad Brick, he created a musical accompaniment to the cult Gravity Falls.

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In the first episode of the cartoon, Star and Marco are not friends at all, but real opponents, but soon they did not get any more water, primarily comic books by Scott Pilgrim.

Design “Star against the forces of evil” was created in the US (Los Angeles), and the production itself was under the control of Mercury Filmworks in Canada (Ottawa), by the way there was created the image of the famous Mickey Mouse.

Heroes in the new season

In the new series, fans will once again meet their favorite heroes with the Starter Butterfly, for those who first get to know this character, Butterfly is the real princess who lived in the other world of Mune, she is sent to Earth to make friends with the Diaz family, as punishment for Improper use of a magic wand.

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On Earth, the princess becomes the most real thunder of monsters, showing her complete opposite. The next hero – Marco Diaz, after meeting with the Starter Butterfly became her faithful assistant in the fight against monsters, Marco is ready to do anything to protect the asterisk. However, the heart of the guy belongs to another, classmate Jackie Lin Thomas.


Events unfold around a young girl from a parallel universe called Star Butterfly, when she turned fourteen, parents gave a magic wand.

However, the young sorceress using the artifact for some other purpose almost destroyed her world, she was sent to another dimension to the planet Earth as punishment.

There the princess gets acquainted with the good-natured family of Diaz, the family has one child a teenager named Marco, who soon became the best friend of the Star.

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Marco and the Princess are waiting for adventures that he could only dream of, together they have to fight with evil spirits and monsters, whom the light did not see.

The couple travels in time and battles with various kinds of villains and antagonists, to help them is given a magic wand, which the asterisk secretly took with them.

Star vs. the Forces of Evil season 4 release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
4x01Series 1March 10, 2019
4x02Series 2March 17, 2019
4x03Series 3March 24, 2019
4x04Series 4March 31, 2019
4x05Series 5April 7, 2019
4x06Series 6April 14, 2019
4x07Series 7April 21, 2019
4x08Series 8April 28, 2019
4x09Series 9May 5, 2019
4x10Series 10May 12, 2019


Star vs. the Forces of Evil season 4 official trailer

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